Monthly Archives: January 2010

25 Random Things


1. I am the type of person who would probably keep working even if i won millions in the lottery

2. My pets really ARE like children to me and I even cry when I have to drop them off at the vet or groomer

3. I know that my husband is my soul mate – we share the perfect number of common interests but enough personal passions to keep things interesting

4. It saddens me that my already small family has gotten smaller simply due to other’s own selfiishness

5. I am a lyrical genius.

6. I am obsessed with making lists and organizing things yet find it strange that my life seems so chaotic and totally UNorganized most of the time. Every year i secretly tell myself that “this year” will be the year that I put my life on schedule and start routines that involve waking up early every day and reading the paper before work…It’s been five years and I still scramble to the shower after hitting ‘snooze’ several times too many

7. I don’t resent the fact that I had to grow up too young and fend for myself. It made me who i am today and i don’t need any handouts or pity.

8. My grandmother is one of the greatest women I know

9. Sometimes i refer to my cousin as my nephew because my uncle and i are more like brother and sister

10. I have no pity for those who don’t try to help themselves – Hey! no one’s had it easy in life if you ask them!

11. I am extremely self-concious about things and hate the feeling of standing out in a crowd

12. I have started writing several books but when they seem to lean toward the same dysfunction, i usually give up and decide that making millions while exposing others’ flaws wouldn’t make the success taste very good

13. My grandfather was a great man and a wonderful father to me. I am sad that he didn’t get to see my children but overjoyed that he was there to walk me down the aisle. He is deeply missed everday.

14. I am embarrassed to admit sometimes that I got my GED when I was 16 and skipped the college track for a full-time job…that is, until I get into a deep conversation about something super intellectual with someone who DID go through years of college and doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

15. My husband and I have only spent a handful of days apart since the day we met

16. I love to spend way too much money at the grocery store on imported things and ‘different’ foods

17. I overanalyze every possible situation to try to figure people out

18. Sometimes I wish i were president because I think i could do it better

19. Politicians are overrated and never have your best interest in mind. I think they should be volunteers and not paid for what they do – then we’d know they’re doing it for the right reasons and not just their own, corrupted self-indulgence

20. I wish I had my own highway and a really fast car…and then i remember that i don’t know how to drive a stick shift

21. Cincinnati drivers aggravate the piss out of me and I think the idiot-class should be banned during rush hours so the rest of us can get to where we’re going without all the chaos.

22. I love celebrity gossip mags and books about conspiracy-theories and the end of days

23. I finished all the Twilight books in less than a week (loved them) and think that people who think I’m silly or trying to be a teenager shouldn’t base their thought on the movies and should read the books for themselves

24. I find it impossible to fall asleep most nights and rack my brain with anxieties and the answers to life but, once I fall asleep i think i could sleep for a week if I had no disturbances

25. I love life and worry that I don’t make the most of mine at times. i always strive to be better and do better but I always worry if, when the end comes, will I have fulfilled my purpose and will I know by then what that purpose was?