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I have learned over the years that often times when something is “cliche” it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Sure you don’t get any originality points for it but, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right? On that note, I’ve also learned over the years that there’s a common phrase that fits every situation. Queen of Colloquialisms I am, simple expressions and phrases may mean very little to most people but I absolutely love them. Words combined have given us great books, songs, poems, speeches, rants, raves, slangs, cuts, jabs, compliments, pick up lines, drop dead lines, apologies, condolences, get well wishes, happy birthdays, congratulations, I love you’s…..

I’ve kept a running list since I was younger of phrases that I absolutely love…along with some great lyrics as well of course. So here’s today’s Top 10…and a few to spare.

Sticks and Stones: Yeah, yeah, we all know – they may break bones but words will never hurt you. If only that were true. I suppose for kids, they tend to have to worry more about rocks and sticks a lot more often than adults do but, here in the adult community, (most of us anyway) don’t usually resort to throwing sticks or stones. Sure an occasional coffee mug here or there maybe but, it’s the words that we rely on most of the time in conveying our point. I love words but the tricky thing with words is that in your journal they are yours but from your mouth, they are the world’s. So obviously if you fail to give better judgment toward them before they come flying out, you can quickly realize you have offended, angered or just plain hurt someone by them – perhaps even someone you had not intended to be involved in receiving those words.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener: Nothing angers me more than people who constantly focus on what they “don’t” have. If you constantly spend your time focusing on what everyone else has and what you don’t have, you’re never going to get anywhere and you’re missing the big picture. If you don’t like your life – DO something about it but don’t sit and grow bitter as the world around you continues to move forward and you stay lost in the past holding on to bitterness and self pity. How many times have you looked at someone who appears to have everything – “the world by the ass” so to say. So you go home to your family and ignore the warm greeting all the blessings in your life that surround you because you don’t have “that life”. All the while, that person with “everything a man could want” may be going home to nothing more than a cleaning lady who barely speaks to them, let alone their children who have given up on any relationship and are simply waiting for a phone call with news of their inheritance. Some life. Don’t spend so much time straining your neck to see over the fence that you forget to see your own yard folks.

Be Careful What You Wish For: Okay, spoiler alert….There is no fairy Godmother with a magic wand just waiting for you to make a wish so she can do everything for you already. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t in some way shape your own destiny. Energy works in funny ways and you are a big ball of it on legs. So get off your duff already and DO something about it. But just remember that when you’re focusing on something you want, you had better be sure you are in the right frame of mind, it’s really what you want and that it means well….otherwise you may be sorry.

“Good Things Come to Those Who Wait” & “Patience is a Virtue”: Aaah, patience. Patience is a tricky thing nowadays with so much right at our fingertips. I find it ridiculous to wait in lines for anything for more than a certain period of time. I have to remind myself of these all the time if not daily. Fortunately for me, I don’t want for a whole lot all the time – I tend to be pretty content with most things. But when you don’t get something you want right when you want, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever. It just means not now. Maybe you’re not ready yet. Maybe there’s a bigger picture that you’re missing. But, rest assured that with hope and patience and faith, what is meant to happen will and your patience will be rewarded…And not just with a free soda for the delay at the drive thru at lunch.

“Cherish the Time You Have”: Don’t take for granted those you love the most & know they are not here forever. We are not here forever. The only thing that made the loss of my grandfather last year easier to cope with was knowing the quality time I had with him. “Don’t waste your time people who won’t waste their time on you”. The point is that there’s much more to life than all of your daily drama and petty crap or petty people that bring no purpose but drama. When you’re on your death bed, the time right now is what you are going to be looking back on…Are you wasting it?

“All That Glitters Is Not Gold” & “Money Can’t Buy You Love”: Sure, I know, but the sparkly stuff is so PRETTY! There’s nothing wrong with it but when you make material things your life’s obsession, you are missing out on quite a lot. Money and material things can spoil a person’s soul in a heartbeat. There’s next to nothing nowadays that doesn’t have a price tag attached to it. What you have and drive and live in are not what make you who you are and they don’t make you better or worse than anyone. The end will come eventually, life is not forever. What are you really taking with you? (Because you can bet it’s not that shiny ring or your fancy car). So enjoy ’em if you got ’em but don’t spend your life obsessing over ’em.

“There’s Always Someone Who’s Got it Worse Than You”: Seriously…There is. And besides, self pity is pathetic. Next time you want to whine about something petty that hasn’t gone right for you, turn on a St. Jude’s special. Funny thing is – those kids are full of hope just being alive still and glad to be getting treatment. Go visit a homeless shelter – these folks are just glad to have a roof over their head, a meal and a cot with a scratchy wool blanket for one night. There seriously is always going to be someone who can top your story of misfortune but if those who actually do have it pretty bad can still find hope, there’s no reason that you should give up all faith in anything positive just because you’re having a bad day.

“What Goes Around Comes Around”: Yup, “kharma can be a bitch” – when you’ve got the wrong motives. Your misdeeds will have a consequence and your good deeds will have rewards. When someone is “lucky”, it speaks highly of the kind of person they are. Positive things attract to them because they put out a positive energy. Such is true for someone who repeatedly has run-ins with bad luck. Everything happens for a reason and what you do today you may regret tomorrow. And let us not forget the golden rule: Do Unto Others… Seriously, there is a reason they tried to pound this theory into our heads as children. It’s because the ill-will you may impose on someone else may find its way back to your front door.

“Practice What You Preach”: Oh there’s always a hypocrit. Someone who spends so much time focused on everyone else’s mistakes and imperfections that they fail to see their own. Constantly lecturing others on what they should be doing and forever failing to take their own advice. The “my shit doesn’t stink” theory. There’s an Outkast song about that you know…and it’s quite true. It also reminds me that “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks”. No one is perfect and no one needs you, oh compartively imperfect one you are, telling them what’s wrong with them as you poorly attempt to cloak your own flaws all the while making them more obvious to everyone else.

“There is no ‘I’ in team”: Well, not unless you speak Turkish or Romanian I suppose. When you become part of a team – whether it’s a sport, a club or a charity – always remember that teams are like families. Sometimes they really ARE families. The very word “team” implies some form of competitiveness with other “teams”. Otherwise, there would be no need for your team anyway right? So keeping all that in mind, you should always remember that your “team” is your family and that it’s your team against the others – not you against your team. (Flag – unsportsmanlike conduct). Remember: Everyone on a team plays a key function in that team and it’s success. It’s not one person…or it’s not a team.