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Shades of Grey Babies


There’s a big joke about all the Shades of Grey babies that will be arriving on the scene soon. I can’t really laugh too hard because ironically enough, I started and finished reading the entire series in a matter of three days and, low and behold, found out I was pregnant a few weeks later.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of BDSM and i’m sure neither are many of the other women who are obsessed with this novel coming soon to the big screen. I think it’s all about the innocence and sexual freedom and fantasy of taking an every day, simple girl and making us believe some hot, damaged but committed billionaire businessman could fall head over heels in love with her and manage to get her off a million times a day too. Sure, what woman wouldn’t get a little swept away at the thought of it?

So although I didn’t go out to buy my husband and I an arsenal of “kinky fuckery” after reading them, I did find myself much more comfortable in being sexy and playful. And what guy doesn’t want that? That combined with the shenanigans of turning 30 and drinking way too many cocktails, we were sealing our fate before we could even see what was coming. And so naturally that combined with no birth control, here we are, expecting in January.

I, unlike Ana, didn’t worry about what my husband would think when I told him the news though. We have been together for ten years and married for six of them. I was a bit shocked though. Despite our decision to stop birth control efforts and let whatever happened happen, it’s still quite a jolt to know that you have a life inside of you and that everything is about to change drastically. We weren’t really TRYING to have a baby. We just weren’t really trying not to either. I guess it’s a good thing we got all that sex in beforehand because I hear newborn babies make a great sex life a little difficult. 😉

So we will be forever included in this pop culture craze I guess. It’s okay though, I’m in good company I guess. The fact that I have quite a few friends and acquaintances also expecting just confirms that this Shades of Grey baby boom is obviously a matter of fact, not fiction.