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Cracks In Our Hearts


I hate knowing that people I love are hurting. We’re never truly prepared for “the end”. No matter how often we remind ourselves that this life is temporary, there is no time like being told it’s time to begin preparing our goodbyes for someone we love that any sense of acceptance we have about life abandons us. I hurt for those I know and love who are going through that now. Near the end just try to remember all the good things. Though they make it harder to say our goodbyes, they are what will remain with us in our minds and hearts forever. I do not envy where you sit right now – torn between praying for peace for someone you love and yet not wanting to let go – but I do remember very well being there. We all carry scars from life and our losses. The cracks in our hearts from losing a loved one never heal. They serve as proof of how our hearts swell with so much love for those we cherish in our lives. And over the years if we are fortunate enough to love so many, we will have to say painful goodbyes many more times. It may not always get easier but with each time we learn to appreciate life even more and it deepens our love for those still around us so that in the end, really, we all die from a broken heart – a heart that held so much love for so many special people that it had to break to make room. My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with you in this difficult time.

The Cracks in Our Hearts

The Cracks in Our Hearts