Death & Taxes


It’s that time of the year again. The time where half of our society get giddy and plan vacations and huge shopping sprees and the time where the other half bitch about the taxes we pay and that we get nothing back. Well, I’m sorry to the first group for my ranting that will proceed below because, unfortunately, I am a member of the latter.

“The only thing certain in life is death and taxes”. Some years I wonder if taxes will be the death of me. Shared wealth is a huge issue when it’s not shared WORK. That is where I have a huge problem with the system. Year after year my husband and I have paid thousands upon thousands in taxes and every year I get to hear about how some people who don’t even work get thousands BACK! It’s like I may as well sign my paycheck over to them! And don’t get me started if they also are getting free health insurance, food stamps and a check every month because my head may literally explode.

Itemizing deductions are the only thing that save us – I give to charities and donate to Goodwill every year and with the interest we pay on our mortgage too it at least helps cover some of what we owe on top of the insane amount we already paid through the year. I was actually looking forward to finally getting a child tax credit next year (especially with what we paid out of pocket to have her after our insurance deductibles). Then I found out that the credit is being reduced from $1500 to $500. Go figure. It’s just our luck and is basically because the government has been pissing away our money to people that don’t even pay IN TO the system.

My husband and I put off having a family for the past ten years because we didn’t know if we could afford it. Having a child is expensive and should be a carefully thought out decision. Yet because we went about it the RIGHT way, we so often got punished having to pay for those who just have children and expect the rest of us to pay for their lifestyles. They don’t even pay to have these kids after funding assistance and government insurance. (My husband and I both pay heavily for health insurance and even with that had to pay thousands out of pocket for deductibles before the coverage would kick in).

I grew up in a welfare household for several years so make no mistake, I am not entirely against it and I do agree some people need help. However, I am sure you can also agree that anymore today most people just abuse the system and very few actually use it for the right reasons. My mother found herself divorced with three daughters and an ex-husband that seldom paid child support. She needed help but didn’t want to be dependent. She got WIC and enrolled in college with government assistance so she could better her life. As soon as she was done with school she worked and provided for her family – barely sometimes, but she did it.

The point is that making people dependent on government help is crippling our nation and only hurting those of us who work the hardest. Eventually the only thing that can happen is one of two things – chaos and riotous protests by those workers or, succession by them into the same dependency we complain about every year.

Personally I think it’s exactly what our government is hoping for. Making those of us that are hard working and independent regret our independence by resenting those that are dependent is what keeps politics fueled and also what keeps those dependent ones faithful. They are easily bribed into doing whatever they want come voting season. People don’t learn the platforms. They learn “what will I get out of this”. The government is just breeding ignorance, laziness and dependency. It works better for them that way.

This past election we heard a lot about the “free cell phone” programs that scored lots of Democratic votes. There are also perks to being lazy and dependent on others and our system is rewarding the wrong behavior because in the end it gives them all the power over us. So folks, let’s seriously get our acts together and stop being victimized by our own government. They are making you weak and dependent to keep us under control. There are choices to every action we make. There’s an easy road and a hard road. The easy roads are hard to resist but all too often they are what makes the difference and what keeps us on the right course. We can’t succumb to easiness or we fail ourselves and our economy. Toughen up a little bit. Grow a spine and learn to fight for what you want and work for what you have! No one owes you anything and nothing is promised to you in life if you don’t earn it for yourself.


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