Tweets Immortal


A couple weeks ago I mentioned how weird but still comforting it was to have friends that have passed still have pages on Facebook and how they kinda become a memorial after that person passes. Of course someone had to make a business out of this type of thing and keeping people “alive” after they’ve passed. Next month this service launches and would basically follow everything you tweet so that it could “get to know you” and then would continue tweeting for you after you die.

I can’t speak for everyone I guess but don’t you think it’s a little too weird to get tweets from a friend who passed away and know that they’re not really coming from them? I mean I don’t know what these tweets could really be about that wouldn’t seem utterly inappropriate coming from a dead person’s avatar – Would it be griping about the weather (“Damn this heat” – yikes, awkward) or sending out weird sentiments (“Miss you guys”) or just complaining about what to wear or hair or traffic. It’s creepy if you ask me and I would much rather browse through the posts and tweets my deceased friends posted when they were actually alive than some computer generated unoriginal stuff.

I don’t think it’s worth while to have this service all in my business for years before I die anyway. Plus you have to name an executor because, well, how the hell else are they going to know you’re dead if someone doesn’t tell them? And there’s the other issue. People can’t even stay married in today’s day in age. How are you going to trust someone with this. Ex-wives/husbands and hurt friends will be screwing over members left and right I’m sure. What if you name your spouse and you both die together? Then what? Geez, talk about a clusterfuck!

One positive thing is that you can preset posts you want to make after you die. I guess it’s not good for more short term stuff because we really don’t know when we’re going to die (naturally anyway), but if you’ve been holding back feelings you have for someone that you could never tell them face-to-face I guess it could be beneficial. “Say Sally, I just wanted you to know that i’ve hated you since the day we met but you’re a good wingman”, or “Luke, I am your father”, or worse “Luke’s not really your kid”, or “Hey Jim, I slept with your wife and Luke is really my son”. I can just picture all the drama that will be created from this service. There will be a whole new category for talk shows and therapy with people scorned by the messages they got from a dead person. People have been writing letters for years to their loved ones to be delivered after they die with their last wishes and wills. It’s not unheard of. But the whole computer generated control part has me feeling a little uneasy.

But this also brings up another good topic. When should we start willing our social media stuff to others? These social media accounts stay open indefinitely already when people die. If no one makes the decision to take them over or delete the account they just sit. Whose property are they? Whose property are my extensive iTunes library and Facebook account if I’m not here to log in to them anymore? Did you know there’s actually legislation going on about this now? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Here’s a thought: why don’t we all just say what we want to say to people while we’re here? It seems a little too over the top for me to buy into and also impersonal. If anyone close to me would be comforted by a tweet that I didn’t actually write then I can only think there’s something seriously wrong with our relationship. Are we so caught up in trying to live forever that we’ll settle for the “reassurance”  of some machine talking for us after we die being our way to immortality?

Personally, I’m not interested. Plus I just don’t trust the bitch 😉

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