TV Remotes & Twilight


We can’t find the TV remote. I know you’re probably thinking “Quit being so damn lazy and turn it on by hand”. And that’s doable. But the remote is universal and controls our TV, the cable box, the audio system – everything (hence why it’s called the “universal remote”). Plus cable now involves having more than a thousand channels. So when all you’re going to do is channel surf anyway, it makes it seem like an awful lot of work for just that. Something great happens when your can’t find the clicker though: You actually do something productive.

While I was on maternity leave I had a ton of our photos printed. Between photos on disks, on our old desktop computer, old laptop and new one, I figured that it’d be a lot easier to enjoy them if I printed them and actually got them all organized together into albums. Just the past two year’s worth though was well over 2,000 pictures! We ordered some albums that would hold 300 photos each. They came in yesterday. Perfect timing. After a few minutes of my husband looking for the remote he finally gave up and said, “Let’s get these pictures put together”. Um excuse me, what have you done with my husband.

An hour later and we had gotten one album (Christmas & New Year 2011) done. I know it seems like a lot of album for one holiday but holidays – especially Christmas – aren’t only a huge deal but we also have like five of them between both of our families and us. So yeah, it’s lots of pictures. Well, after that was done he crapped out on me and fell asleep. Once the baby was asleep after nursing I decided to make the most of it too and catch some zzz’s while I can.

Oh but did I mention that at midnight it was also the release of the final installment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 on DVD? Oh and that I’m a HUGE Twihard? I literally (literally, haha) read all the books in four days a few years ago and am obsessed. All of the soundtracks are still in my disk changer in my car and I listen to each of them frequently. I have two life size cardboard cutouts of Jacob and Edward  (that attended all of our house parties and events for a long time). The only reason they’re not on the guest list as much anymore is that their cardboard versions just aren’t as tough as they are and I couldn’t bear to see any harm come to them.

I don’t know how he did it but my husband actually convinced me after the first movie came out on DVD not to spend any money on it and to wait until they were all out so I could buy them all together (of course he had me at “Collector’s Edition Box Set”). So all these years later I still don’t own a single one of them on DVD because i’ve been patiently waiting for this day to come.

Yet, here this day is and I had no TV to occupy my attention, I’d retired the picture project for the night and I had nursed the baby who was sleeping soundly for the next two, maybe (hopefully) three hours and instead of rushing to Target to get my collection so I could spend the weekend in a Twilight marathon, I am giddy at the thought of sleep. Yes, sleep. All two, maybe (hopefully) three hours is just too precious when it comes in such small spurts.

So Twilight I know we will have our time and I have been so patient I know it won’t kill me to wait a bit longer. After walking down memory lane all night going through pictures I just couldn’t wait for sleep to take over and sweet dreams of a future where I will be able to sleep past twilight again too!


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