Memory Lane


I spent the day going down memory lane. We got four more of our albums done. So now we have 2011 and 2012 out of the way. I don’t know why we thought six albums would do the job. I think we’re going to need like sixTEEN more by the time I get the rest of the pictures printed. What a big job. But it’s so much nicer and after we got to a stopping point tonight we went through each of them again just because they were organized in an album and begging to be flipped through. Trips we took, things we did back when we were just dating and so many great times. Arizona,The Gorge, Gatlinburg, Family Reunions, Camping, Fishing, Birthdays, Holidays. While I was working on the project this morning I stumbled upon a picture from 2004 of us at the lake fishing and was amazed at how much smaller I was back then. I was so blown away I had to snap a shot and text one of them to my husband while he was at work.

Subject:  “My Ass”

“I just want to point out that this is my ass and much smaller waist…WAS my ass and much smaller waist…Man, I miss my ass and much smaller waist”.

What’s even crazier is that back then I thought I was fat! Ha! I’d love to have that “fat” me back!

I think I’m on my way though and these pictures are good motivation. I have spent the past year eating healthy – not dieting – but eating good. Lean meats, low salt, fruits, veggies, water water water. I had to when I was pregnant because I wanted the baby to be getting everything she needed and for my body to get what it needed too. Now that i’m breastfeeding it’s just as crucial. So since it’s still something I need to be doing I may as well make it permanent right?

Now the key is just going to be getting moving…Only not tonight. It’s late. I’m beat…Oh and we found the remote. 😉


About stephrader

I am a new mom who went from managing a fast paced legal office to the 24/7 lifestyle of a stay-at-home-mom. I am inspired by everything and writing has always been my outlet. I love that each day offers something new, exciting, breathtaking, philosophical, tasty, funny and yes, sometimes even sad. Check out my blog 'The Write Side of Life'.

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