Housing Developments


Today could end up being a very important day. Today could be the day that started what changed everything. Today we meet with the bank to discuss putting an offer in on a new house. Today we also meet with a realtor to discuss the possibility of listing our current house. Big developments if all goes well.

We fell in love with a 1800’s colonial house on a beautiful farm. There is a huge barn that has been fully restored to period, the original stable that would make a great outdoor entertaining area now, a huge garage / work area for the husband, a greenhouse and even a natural spring running through it. I see family pictures on Christmas cards for years to come with this place. We may have to tweak some things years from now when we want to expand our family but it’s totally doable.

It’s the type of house that has the candle lights in each window every night that just says comfort. I can picture my daughter growing up there and having the exact type of life we hope for her. Getting her hands dirty in the earth. Fishing and learning how to raise livestock. Picnics in the yard. A pony?!

There are so many features on an old house like this that scream charm that just can’t be bought in a new house. There are old details like the huge double front door with the original turn bell built in; Crystal cut glass windows inside the house; Built in cabinets; Maids quarter entrance with spiral staircase; fireplaces in every room. I could go on and on about all the special features of this house. As soon as you walk in it screams “you’re home”.

Then there’s our house. It was our first house. It is right across the street from my grandmother and has given me the ability to be close to her – and my grandfather in the years before he died. It is a nice cape cod from the 50’s. It has rooms for us but not much room. Does that make sense? We sit on less than a third of an acre and it’s in the city. We pay more in property taxes in one year than we would pay on the 10 acre farm in two years. Ridiculous.

I know right now is not a great time to try to sell your house. But it’s possible. It’s definitely not a time to plan to make any real profit – especially when your mortgage is only  seven years old. Granted, at this point I would take a bit of a loss to be done with it and make our new mortgage much more feasible.

Then there’s the issue of whether or not the owners of the dream house would accept our offer. It’s all a toss to fate but today is the day we get the ball rolling and see where it takes us. It’s scary and exciting and I am praying for a positive outcome. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!


About stephrader

I am a new mom who went from managing a fast paced legal office to the 24/7 lifestyle of a stay-at-home-mom. I am inspired by everything and writing has always been my outlet. I love that each day offers something new, exciting, breathtaking, philosophical, tasty, funny and yes, sometimes even sad. Check out my blog 'The Write Side of Life'.

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