Bat. Shit. Crazy


There is no shortage of crazy or stupid these days. Arguing with stupid? That’s just exhausting. I fancy myself quite the debater but arguing with crazy? That’s a whole new ball game. You can’t argue with crazy. There’s no reason to their madness and they don’t even hear what you (or they) are saying. I’ll argue a point I’m sure of until I’m blue in the face but trying to do it with crazy makes me want to stick my head in a tub of water until i’m actually blue in the face.

Have you ever argued with someone that just says and does things to deliberately make you irate? Someone who picks a fight so they can mock you and push every single one of your buttons and say hateful things just daring you to freak out on them so they can call you crazy? These types of people are absolutely crazy and just want company. Only they don’t know they’re fucking nuts so they just keep it going and then just when you think you can’t take anymore they look at you like you have three heads and simply say, “You’re crazy”. Oh hell no.

Remember those My So Called Life episodes and how Clair Danes’ imagination would run away with her and then she’d snap back into reality realizing it was just a daydream? I have those moments when I’m arguing with crazy. Moments where I picture myself ripping something or someone to shreds. Only I can’t. Not just because I physically can’t rip someone to shreds but emotionally too. I’m not a violent person at all but in those moments I start to wonder if this crazy shit is contagious because if given the chance to go Liam Neeson “Taken” I could see myself driving screwdrivers into someone’s knees.  Now I know where all these movie scenes come from – it’s from people that know first hand what it’s like to argue with crazy!

Have you ever had someone taunt you during an argument and say whatever hurtful things to you they can after picking the fight with you that you just want to beat their head into a wall? Then when you are fighting so hard to hold back going primate on their ass (that would be ape shit and spider monkey) and you can’t take it anymore so you start to cry because your body knows that if you don’t let something out you’re going to explode only then they know they’ve got you and they throw in a zinger like, “You’re weak” like a kick in the teeth. The only fortunate thing to comments like this is that you can reassure yourself that they’re coming from a crazy person so you don’t have to take them totally to heart…although that’s really hard not to do.

The moral of the story is you can’t argue with crazy. Trying to deal with a crazy delusional person just makes you crazy too. This is the real zombie apocalypse folks. It’s not their bite you have to worry about it’s their bullshit!


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