Five Dollar Foot Wronged


Subway is still catching a load of backlash after lots of their footlong subs only measured to be eleven inches. The first “fast food” restaurant that campaigned a man who lost weight strictly on their diet is short changing us on our sandwiches. Not to be mistaken with the guy who did the documentary about getting fat strictly on another’s menu. Subway obviously never expected someone to look at an 11 inch sandwich and say “Hm, this looks just slightly off” and then actually measure it.

Personally I think it may be genius. Probably one of the easiest ways to trick us into eating less. America could stand to lose a few pounds. When we diet we’re all about tricking our appetites too. Well, you can’t really trick yourself into thinking you’re eating a double cheeseburger when you are eating turkey cold cuts but maybe we could trick ourselves with portion control.

Really what was that last inch anyway? Stale, dry, bread? They probably actually did you a favor. I’ve done the math and a “Five Dollar Footlong” equals to about $0.42 per inch. So is it more esthetically pleasing to you if Subway just advertised the “$4.533333333 Footlong” or the “$5  Eleven Incher”?

Get over it folks. Let’s face it, if you’re eating fast food enough to know that your sandwich is an inch shorter  and you make a stink about it, than you’re probably eating fast food too much and maybe you weren’t five dollar foot wronged after all.



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