The baby has been sleeping between 7 and 8 hours every night. It’s a pretty big deal considering she’s breastfed. We stick to a system where she knows the difference between bed time from day time and it appears to be working swimmingly. It usually means that in the hours before bedtime she is a little fussier and feeding a lot more often to prepare for it but I don’t mind. The fact that she is three months old (today actually) and is allowing daddy and mommy to have pretty much a full night’s sleep is an absolute gift. I still have to get up sometimes in the wee hours to pump to keep from waking up in a milk soaked bed.

The morning routine is usually the same. She’ll wake up and eat and then daddy will get up for work and then she’ll fall back to sleep for a little while so mommy can make herself some breakfast too. Daddy lets the dogs out and then goes to work. It’s a pretty smooth process until a certain chocolate cocker spaniel decides she wants to throw a wrench in things.

We have two dogs and an indoor cat. Our Border Collie / Shepard mix is a pretty good dog minus an occasional mood swing when we have company. He’s a little weird about loud rambunctious kids or adults that are loud or too animated. Our chocolate Cocker Spaniel on the other hand is well behaved with all people but is a bit of a dingbat and thinks she rules the place.

This week my husband let them out before we went to bed but only one came back in. The last time this happened it was because our short, fat, Cocker Spaniel had decided to start doing circus tricks and jumped the fence. She didn’t get too far before the Shepard mix let us in on something going on by barking his head off. But this time it was something totally different. She wasn’t patrolling the neighborhood this time. This time she was actually stuck in between the fence. We have privacy fencing on two sides of our backyard and the neighbors chain link fence on the other side of it. It took my husband an hour trying to coax her backwards to the spot where she could get back out but it didn’t work. Like I said, she’s not very smart. So he went next door to see if he could get her out that way. When he got over there he noticed the culprit: a huge opossum (“The biggest he’s ever seen”) standing on top of the fence. She’s a critter getter and the dog wouldn’t budge because she was hellbent on killing this intruder. He got her dislodged from the fencing and sure enough, she leapt and grabbed the oversized rodent from the fence top and the wrestling commenced. The hubs did what he could to get her under control but even I know that’s not really possible. The possum played possum for a while and then started attacking the dog. That was when it met its fate.

We’re still not really sure what to do with a possum corpse. In the country when something gets killed the coyotes and buzzards take care of it for you. In urban America that doesn’t happen. The last time the dogs killed a rabbit (Yeah, they’re killing machines apparently. In fact, my husband tries to keep most of the incidents from me) he wrapped it in garbage bags and threw it in the garbage and we would nearly puke every time we went outside that week. So that was out of the question – especially when garbage day was another five days away. We could bury it but if we did that in our yard they’d just dig it up and probably roll in around its dead maggot infested corpse. Nasty bastards. So for now, the vacant house next to us just has a very large dead rodent in the backyard. At least no one’s living there I guess.

Then this morning, unbeknownst to us, the circus came back to town and the great leaping cocker returned.  After letting the dogs out and feeding the baby, the hubs went to let them back in before work and only one came to the door. Little fence jumper must have figured she could find that possum if she got over the fence. So me with my still crippled back and the hubs took turns hollering for the dog at 6:00 this morning. The cat, the indoor cat that is, also decided she wanted in on the action and meandered out the front door at one point too. So now we had two on the loose.

After a while the dog made her way down the street back to the house and soaked from the dewey grass she’s been sniffing through around the neighborhood. Thank God the area was clear of critters apparently or she may have never come back. We joke all the time that she could get lost on the trail of a critter but it’s actually no joke. I’m convinced she would end up across the state lines following a trail of something before realizing she wasn’t at home anymore. The cat took a little while longer (because, well you know, cats are usually dicks like that) but finally made her way back too.

Once all the animals were safely corralled I made my way back into the bedroom to find my three month old baby pleasantly hanging out staring at her fists. When I told her what happened she just listened and smiled and then showed me her hands so I could see what was so fascinating to her too. She’s such a good baby. It’s pretty crazy when out of all your babies, your actual baby  is the best behaved one.


Our Chocolate Cocker, possum killer, scent following, mind of her own, alpha dog


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