Light at the End of the Spinal Cord


Well, I talked to my physical therapist. The soonest she can get me in is next Friday but she says there’s no need to bother with trying to get in to see my primary doc or trying to get an MRI because that’ll all take a while plus there’s nothing they’ll really do for it anyway other than pain meds and costing me more money out of pocket.  She says this sounds like the same issue I was having before when I was pregnant but it’s just worse now from the postpartum bones readjusting back. God childbirth really is no joke folks!! She also said it sounds like my discs are getting better but the SI is displaced which is why I’m hurting so bad in my hips and pelvic area still (and why my body looks lopsided). She gave me some stuff to do until Friday to work on the specific area. Hopefully she can get me all squared away!

For some reason I absolutely love her. The only reason that I stopped seeing her was because she left on maternity leave to have a baby too. She was just a couple months further along than I was when I was pregnant. She’s just way more of a straight shooter so I have faith that she’ll get this sorted out. She actually finds the root of the problem and checks my alignments before and after every appointment. Plus it helps that I totally trust her. The chiropractor had told me he’d have me feeling better within a week but that didn’t work. And he didn’t even have a scan, an X-ray or really check it out to see what the trouble was. When I started getting worse with him I realized that this was obviously just me paying to be tortured. Hey don’t get me wrong, I loved the 50 Shades series but not that much. Plus, if I’m going to pay to be tortured it better be by a hunky Christian Grey!



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