Boston Bombing


As if it being tax day wasn’t bad enough. Such terrible news outside of Boston today at the Boston Marathon hours ago. Two explosions killing at least two and injuring almost a hundred so far; a third explosion detonated by the police that apparently was an unexploded bomb; and a mystery fire at the JFK Memorial Library. Media coverage hasn’t stopped since it happened. It’s horrible to watch all the bloody, injured innocent people being carted away to ambulances. One thing that was commendable was the response time of the authorities and good samaritans to help those in need. It’s both a shame and a blessing that we have had to learn how to deal with emergencies like this the hard way.

Media coverage has already started tying these events to Iraq, North Korea, domestic extremist groups, etc. I feel sick listening to them discuss how these types of domestic terrorists usually strike around this time because it’s both tax season and also “close to Hitler’s birthday” (?). What the hell does Hitler’s birthday have to do with tax day, with our government or with the fucking Boston Marathon? Early speculation is always all over the place I guess. We are all dying to know what they ultimately find out about these events and who was responsible for them.

So we’re dealing with either international or domestic terrorists. How in the world do you put together enough answers to figure it all out? Well, I’m sure we will but will that really make us feel any better about it? What’s done is done. After 9/11 and during such a heated time between our country and Northern Korea it’s sick and twisted if this was done by one of our own. It’s sick and twisted that this type of stuff happens at all. And if this is domestic and if it is because of the government to make a statement about the system or taxes then why attack innocent joggers and observers? What did they do? Why be such a coward?!

There’s also speculation about it being our own government. It scares me more to think that perhaps our government was involved. News reporters are speculating that this probably wasn’t from international hands like Iraq or Northern Korea because it wasn’t devastating enough. This was more for attention. Well, when the economy is still suffering so much and you’ve got so many against going to war again and putting us more into the poorhouse, what better way to get everyone on board with it than to make it seem the other country has already started attacking us. It’s happened before I guess. We’ll never truly know if that’s the case.

It just seems that our world is going insane lately. We are breeding hate and ignorance. However, this is a perfect illustration that it’s not “guns”. There was so much ado about gun control going on after the Sandy Hook shooting. Yet there were no guns involved in today’s events (other than those on the hips of the hundreds of police responding to the explosions though not a single one needing to be used). Today’s act was bombing. Today’s act, again, was hate. Hate doesn’t use a particular weapon. Hate breeds whatever weapons necessary. If we made guns AND bombs illegal, hate would still create catastrophe. It’s hate on the part of the attacker and ignorance on the part of us as people. Hate like the many school shootings. Hate like the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Hate like the threats coming at us from Northern Korea right now.

I know that God promised never to intervene and wipe out the wicked of the world again and I don’t know what scares me more – that He actually won’t or that it’s gotten so bad that He will. Either way, God help us and God be with all those affected by this latest tragic event.

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Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing


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