Under Pressure


I mentioned yesterday the news and the false rumors that were also getting spread around about the Boston Marathon bombing victims. It seems everyone is pushing agendas. The news has been focused on anything and everything imaginable. The fire at the JFK Memorial Library ended up just being a coincidence. Yesterday they reported  a Mississippi Senator received a letter with a toxic substance in it…but then they reported that the test they use to determine these substances is often wrong. More importantly, what is the tie to the Boston bombing? Obviously there isn’t one other than to expose as much as possible now to help feed our frenzy, our conspiracy theories or fear about North Korea.

Another big thing being reported is the fact debris recovered from the bomb site in Boston shows the bomb was made from a basic pressure cooker. The FBI has already previously released a report on terrorist IED’s made with pressure cookers. Well with all the gun banning agendas being pushed after Sandy Hook, and all the debate still ongoing about guns, I suppose now it’s time that we all stock up on pressure cookers because it sounds like those will be next on the list to getting banned.

This whole situation is just sad an it’s a shame things have to keep happening but I think it’s because we keep missing the point.  Evil has been around since the beginning of humanity. This latest horrible incident in Boston just proves that it’s not a particular weapon that leads to violence though but people. People are cruel – guns and pressure cookers are just inanimate objects. I could strangle someone with my underwear but Victoria’s Secret isn’t to blame for that. We can’t keep trying to ban guns and blame them for these fatalities. What are we going to do now, ban pressure cookers? It’ll be a shame fifty years from now if we can no longer protect our homes or defend ourselves with a gun if we need to, but also can’t make our roast taste the same as the one that grandma made all those years before because pressure cookers are illegal too.


Weapon of Mass Destruction

Weapon of Mass Destruction


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