Better News


It’s sure been a week of scary events and news reports filled with one terrible thing after another. I hate bad news. I hate even watching the news sometimes because of weeks like this. I can’t quit thinking all week that this world is just a scary place anymore. It’s encouraging to see all the good people gather to pray for those affected and lend a hand with the destruction or the injured or the displaced but it’s still a shame to think of why they even had to do it…The circumstances that have brought them there. And today, greeted with the news of shoot outs and one attacker being killed but the entire city in Boston being put in lockdown – no driving, no businesses open, no one leaving their home. There are millions of people in Boston sitting in their homes freaking out. I can’t imagine the terror they must all be feeling. Has this ever even happened before?

I wake up every morning and am greeted by a smiling, happy face when my baby wakes up and I feel pure joy. Pure innocence. Pure happiness. I am truly blessed. But I worry every day on weeks like this what I have brought her in to? What kind of world is this? How will this world affect her? Right now we are in our own little bubble. She doesn’t have a clue about the whole world around her. She is mesmerized by everything in each room of our little house as if it were an entirely new galaxy. She’s so easily entertained and such a happy baby. I have been recording her lately because she’s been baby talking so much. I can’t wait for that first word to come out. She’s so cute and so sweet. She loves when I play the videos back for her. She has no clue it’s her but she stares back at herself and smiles and coos over it. It’s so cute I want to take video of her watching the video.

Yet, when things like the Sandy Hook shooting or Boston Marathon bombing or this latest terror in Boston happen, it knocks me down from my cloud nine just a few pegs and brings me back to this reality that is our world today. It makes my heart hurt. I hate comparing this to a TV show but if any of you watch The Walking Dead and are familiar with Carl (he’s the kid who’s growing up in this post-apocalyptic world), I keep thinking of him and how sweet he was in the beginning and how hardened he’s become more recently in the series and I can’t help but compare. I worry that this is her future and the future of our kids. Just without the actual zombies…Maybe.

The news keeps reporting on how to shield your kids from these things but I think giving them a false sense of the world through their entire childhood is only going to traumatize them when they get out in the real world and realize what it’s actually like. That’s like setting them up to fail in my eyes. You’re either raising them to be a victim or a survivor. I don’t want to take away my daughter’s childhood but I don’t want to hide things from my daughter either. There’s got to be a middle ground in there somewhere. I believe it’s about making sure she’s sees just as much good that’s in the world still too. Even if that good is just a smiling face or a song or a beautiful sunrise; That it’s important for her to understand that there is bad but to be able to remember the good and to be the good that she wants to see in the world. I think that an up front and honest approach will serve her much better. I just wish I had better answers to give her in times like these.

So tonight I’ll be continuing to pray for humanity, continuing to pray for the Sandy Hook victims, praying for the Boston Marathon victims, praying for all the families on lockdown in Boston today, praying for the Waco, Texas explosion victims, praying for our family and praying for better news.

Be the good you want to see in the world

Be the good you want to see in the world


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