Today I turned 31. 31 is a boring age to turn. It’s kinda like when you turned 22 – with your Sweet 16 so far behind you, your 18th a memory and the big 21 a foggy haze. Now all I have to look forward to is 40 and 50 and any other decades God decides to let me enjoy here. Somehow those don’t seem like they’ll be as exciting as those former ones.

30 was fun. At the oncoming of 30 we went out a lot. It was a few weeks of celebrating… Drinking, dancing, singing and just trying to be young again and forget that I was about to be 30. My middle name was Vodka & Cranberry. My motto was “I’ll have another”. In fact, I put my money on the Kentucky Derby horse “I’ll Have Another” because of that…and it WON! It seemed everything was perfectly in place with me and the universe. Like the stars were aligned with my coming of the age and what I didn’t know was about to happen. But looking back, it was all coming together so harmoniously it was obviously destined to be.

So much can happen in one year. If you would have told me last year that on my birthday this year I’d be home with a baby and wouldn’t be working at the office anymore I’d have probably laughed at you and then told you to have another…with me. I went from being a workaholic who dedicated her entire life to the office and making someone else millions to working at home, raising an insanely beautiful baby girl that I can’t quit staring at, and pursuing my own dream and family’s happiness.

I have had 29 come up several times in my life by older women. Women I looked up to in their 40’s and 50’s who said 29 resonated with them and was a huge chapter of their life; when the song “Landslide” had a deeper meaning and so did the world. For it to have come up so much over the years, I should have taken it as a sign for myself that 29 would also resonate with me too. It was the beginning of the butterfly’s metamorphosis. 29 said goodbye to a whole different life and welcomed a totally new one with 30. Now 31 basks happily in the aftermath and thanks God for  all of these blessings.

At 29 I thought I had it all – the husband, the marriage, the job. At 30 I realized there was still so much more (and was preparing myself to embrace it). At 31 I am appreciating that “so much more”. I had to cut out some things to make room for it but it was totally worth it. I hung up the incessant office phone and nasty people for housework, projects, a blog and my camera phone. I put out the cigarettes for a fresh breath of healthy living for me and my baby. I cashed out the weekly paychecks for a more rewarding job. I snuffed the burning whole in my heart for a new, better relationship with my family.  I devoted my body to the creation of another life and gained the deepest sense of purpose and love I’ve ever known.

New roads, mended bridges, and a clearer and more positive outlook on life and the future. In the past year I have won and lost. I have grown and expanded (mentally as well as physically). I have reunited and multiplied. I’ve learned and grown so much more than even I thought possible. Everything has changed. I have always been so afraid of change too. It’s ironic that my happiest time would come after such a huge change. It’s helping me to understand that change isn’t so bad and not to fear it so much. 31 is here and smiles joyfully at all we’ve accomplished in as many years. I’m so appreciative for all that I have and the blessings I have received. My family, my husband, our daughter, our happiness, this life, and this next chapter. (Ha! And here I thought I had it all at 29). So I guess 31 isn’t such a boring age after all. 🙂

May's Flower: Lily of the Valley

May’s Flower: Lily of the Valley

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