Appointments & Aftermath


Mommy and baby both had appointments this week. It was reassuring and good to hear that Adri is thriving as a strictly breastfed baby. She’s gained over three pounds since her two month check up. She is growing at the perfect rate in her percentiles. For me, she is growing right before my eyes and I can’t believe the difference from her one month picture to her four month. It’s amazing to watch her grow but I can’t believe how fast it happens!

As I mentioned in “Four Months!”, she had to get her shots too. Shots scare me. There are risks either way I guess and that’s always the case in the medical field – no surgery or medication is without risks. Though she only cried for a minute after her shots, she didn’t do too well the day after. I spent most of the day yesterday trying to comfort her. She was fussier than usual and slept a lot but not very long. Every few minutes she would cry and then sleep a few minutes and then start to cry again. It broke me heart that she wasn’t feeling good and there were a couple moments when she actually cried while she was asleep that made me cry too. Thank God it was only for one day! This morning she woke up all smiles so it’s good to have my usual cheerful girl back. At least we don’t have to do any of that again for another couple of months.

I had my physical therapy yesterday as well and have improved leaps and bounds too. I am walking upright and my Quasimodo hump is nearly nonexistent. My SI is still causing lots of discomfort and I’m still limited to what I can do 100% but it’s a drastic improvement from what it was. The P.T. is starting to work me harder too which is good so I can start to retone myself and get back into shape. I had lost a lot of muscle ability during my pregnancy and through this injury. The more I think of it, I think it’d be better if I never have a child in the winter again, period. Activities are way too limited when it’s nasty out and you have a newborn. I needed to get out and walk with her right away – not three months later. I’m ashamed at how weak I am in areas. I also have been having a really hard time realizing that it’s been four months since I had the baby and I’m still looking like I just had her. Too much down time with the first six weeks and then with this injury has set me back big time. I need to keep getting better as quick as I can so I kick things into gear because I can hardly stand to look at myself. Don’t get me wrong, every imperfection on my body is worth having this perfect little baby but it can definitely get you down sometimes….Especially since we’re going on vacation next week (to the beach) and I’m nowhere near ready.

One issue I’m still having is my pelvis still being a little wobbly. The pregnancy hormones are still keeping those joints very relaxed so it’s just recreating my upslip issue again every time I fix it. For that the physical therapist has suggested a Serola Sacroiliac Belt. Basically a tight band that i’ll wear around my hips that holds my pelvis in place at all times. She showed me hers and it’s nothing noticeable under clothes so I’m not too worried about it. Actually I’m kind of excited. Then maybe in another month I can have a Forest Gump moment and run myself right out of my brace. Of course, running out of this one would require the loss of my pants too….and that won’t be pretty…yet anyway!


Serola Sacroiliac Belt used to maintain proper pelvis position

Serola Sacroiliac Belt used to maintain proper pelvis position

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