Mother’s Day


“Mother is the name for all things that are love, for a mother’s love knows no end. For all the prayers, for all the band-aids, for all the bedtime stories, for all the shoulders to cry on, for the hugs and kisses and for being there – Thank you to our mothers and grandmothers.” – An excerpt  I wrote for our wedding program.


This is a Mother’s Day of firsts. First off, it’s my very first one! 🙂 It’s also the first one I will be celebrating with my own mother again after a few years – and this time she’ll have her granddaughter to enjoy with it too. 🙂 (The gifts we made were also my first Pinterest project…hope the mothers and grandmothers like them!) 🙂


I’m so glad to have my family pieced back together. These past few months have been great and have let me enjoy my daughter so much more without the worry and sadness I had before distracting me. The greatest gift of my life is this beautiful baby girl and the cherry on top is getting to enjoy watching her grow with others that love her and me. What a miracle and what a blessing.


I want to wish all the mothers out there a fantastic Mother’s Day. What you do is the hardest job of all and one that offers no pay but more reward than any other gig on this planet.

Haha I couldn't resist

Haha I couldn’t resist

Children will remember

Children will remember

The ABC's of Motherhood

The ABC’s of Motherhood

Being a Mom has made me a better person

Being a Mom has made me a better person


A Mother's Promise

A Mother’s Promise





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