Vacation Day One: Turtles, Seashells and Crabs! Oh My!


Our first day on the beach was great…Well, despite my almost blinding pale, white skin. Sorry fellow vacationers! Hopefully I can remedy that this week! Adri loves taking it all in. She’s so curious about everything I love watching her watch it all. She looked insanely cute in her little bathing suit and sun hat. I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that it’s not a dream – we actually made this!

The water is a bit cool but seriously, this is the perfect time to come to the beach as far as I’m concerned. The weather is so bearable. My crazy, frizzy hair isn’t suffering nearly as bad as it would be in a month or two down here with a million percent humidity. Our nasty, winter feet sure are enjoying the sand…Aaah, nature’s pedicure.

Aaah, nature's pedicure and a great view

Aaah, nature’s pedicure and a great view

We saw some floating bodies in the ocean last night. As cool as that may sound, what they really were was a lot cooler…to me anyway. They were huge sea turtles! I’ve never seen a sea turtle in real life so it was pretty neat to see their heads bob up out of the water near the shore. Apparently it’s near their nesting time. I keep crossing my fingers that maybe we’ll see one coming up to the shore to lay eggs or something while we’re here. We actually thought we saw one on the shore last night. My mom and sister and I all could swear we could see it’s arms moving in a shoveling motion in the sand and everything. After speculating on it for a few minutes the three of us snuck down to the shoreline to investigate closer. Turns out it was just sea foam. Hey, give a non-drinking, nursing mother a few drinks of wine and you never know what she’ll see. (Hell, my other sister was completely sober and managed to walk into the patio door today.) :)~ My days of drinking are just a vague memory. And at least I had an excuse: I don’t drink that often. I don’t know what the hell my mom and sister were seeing. Apparently all three of us have the same vision problem…or I’m just that convincing. 😉 Had it been a sea turtle, it would have been pretty cool and at least we aren’t left with any doubt. I’m not giving up hope though either. We may see one ashore yet. Everytime we’re out looking for seashells I keep an eye a few yards out for one.

Speaking of seashells, I’ve got quite a little seashell collection started too. The trouble with me and seashells is that: 1) I’m a hoarder; and 2) I think they’re all pretty. We may leave with a suitcase full of seashells if I keep it up. It’s funny that the night before we left for vacation we watched an episode of Hoarders that involved a woman whose children had left her because of her hoarding and came back to help her clear out her house so they could be a family again. Except one threw out a rock that this woman insisted she had special plans for. Now, I know this sounds weird coming from me who can usually find a logical reason to keep just about anything but, seriously it wasn’t even something that could be classified as a rock. It was more like a pebble. It wasn’t even a shiny pebble. It was a dull, little, gray pebble. The type of thing that gets stuck in your tire or something. It had been sitting in this woman’s house for years buried under old food, dishes, dead animals, and God only knows what but she “had special plans for that rock” and in the end, it’s all that she cared about and, despite her new, clean, pretty home, she was pissed about that stupid damn rock. I can laugh about it…but seriously, let’s just hope that’s not me the night before we leave when The Hubs tries to say I need to narrow down my shell collection!

We spent the day enjoying the weather and the evening enjoying some great food at a larger than life buffet that donned a huge crab on its roof. We weren’t sure where to find a good seafood joint and just hoped it didn’t turn out to be a shoe store…or a swimwear shop.

I sure hope they have crab legs

I sure hope they have crab legs

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