Apparently iPhones don’t like cement. I knew I should have gotten myself a good case too for it when we got them like the Otterbox The Hubs got for his.  I ended up with a simple hardshell case that’s pretty but doesn’t absorb any impact. I’ve dropped it  couple times and it’s managed to survive fine but today while shopping in town it took a dive from the top of the stroller and met it’s death in the parking lot. We won’t get in to whose fault it was… because that’s still being debated. I can still use it only the SIM card is not connected and it’s got no service so I can’t send or receive calls or texts. It’s basically just a small notebook until we get it fixed/replaced which may not be until we get home…Unless we stop by an Apple store while we’re here…like tomorrow…as soon as we wake up. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge there, Hubby).

In times like these I have to remind myself of positive things and think happy thoughts to avoid going waco-lulu about the whole thing and filling my brain with crazy ideas and what-if’s. LIke what if I get separated from everyone while we’re here and then I don’t have a phone to find everyone and no one else will let me use theirs and they put us in the lost and found with a picture in the paper only no one we’re on vacation with buys or reads the paper and so after a while we have to just fend for ourselves and my baby and I have to go and join the circus because they’re offering free meals to employees and she won’t get to eat if I can’t so then I’ll spend the rest of my life shoveling elephant shit and she’ll spend her childhood being raised by me and the tattooed ladies, trapeze artists, sword swallowers, lions, monkeys and elephants. Ok now that I’ve pictured it, being raised in a circus around all those animals actually may be kinda cool- but yeah, you’re right, it’s a bit over the top. You get the idea.

It’s amazing how lost we are without our phone. To think there was a time in my life when I didn’t even have a cell phone – let alone a cell phone that did more than just call someone!

Poor Thing :(

Poor Thing 😦

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