Ocean Roaches


Before we embarked for our first family vacation The Hubs did the usual and checked out the best places to eat nearby. We are total foodies and love to try new places whenever we’re out of town. I was worried that my family wouldn’t like seafood as much and that was the one thing that The Hubs was most looking forward to. Fortunately my youngest sister is also a fan so we hit up the great seafood buffet seen in “Vacation Day 1: Turtles, Shells, And Crabs! Oh My!“. There are still a bunch of places he wants to try but I’m afraid I may have ruined his seafood buddy…

Hey, sorry. I thought everyone knew that crabs and lobsters are the cockroaches of the sea. Seriously. They’re Insects. Underwater bugs. It doesn’t mean they’re not good with a little bit of lemon and butter. I’m just as big a fan as anyone. But they are what they are (insects) and I just figured everyone knew what they were eating.  The Hubs mentioned that he’d like to make ceviche and was hoping he’d get the green light from someone more than just himself so he could justify spending a load at the pier on fresh fish. An approval wasn’t coming from me though. I love crab legs and lobster but I am picky about fish in general – especially when it’s raw. After explaining to my sister what it was she said she was out too. In a last ditch effort I think (since she said she loved crab legs), he mentioned he’d like to try it with crab or lobster. So I merely inquired how one could make ceviche with crab or lobster when I thought raw crab and lobster was basically just snot. Apparently my sister didn’t know that either so, of course,  I had to explain to her that it’s kinda like a runny egg white before it’s cooked when it’s just snotty clear goop.

Buggers. I hope I didn’t ruin her fondness of crab legs…or anymore seafood outings during the rest of our vacay.

Ocean Roaches...Yummo!

Ocean Roaches…Yummo!


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