Family Vacation


We had a great day at the boardwalk yesterday. I don’t know how but my mother and I agreed to go on the Sky Wheel (an insanely large ferris wheel). The cool thing was that the carriages are all glass enclosed, air conditioned and seat six comfortably so we could all ride together. Going up was the scariest part. The carriages rock a little too and any slight movement would make me freeze and leave me unable to breathe or move at all. I may or may not have threatened death to anyone that made it sway. After a couple rounds I started to relax enough to get some pictures though.  I don’t know when I became so afraid of heights but I think it has something to do with age…and probably my weight. When we’re young we live in the moment and don’t think about the dangers of things. As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to worry about any little mishaps and all I have left to do in life. As you realize your time here is limited you tend to value life a lot more. And well, with extra weight, gravity is never a friend. The kids, however, loved it. My nephew was standing up and walking around looking at everything down below with not a care in the world and Adri kept staring out through her baby sunglasses when we were at the top and up at the wheel and carriages above us when we were at the bottom.

After we got home we had a few hours of pretty beach skies and the moon rose over the ocean while the sun was still out. After we had dinner a storm rolled over the beach. And not some little piddly rain shower either – It was pretty intense. The lightning show out on the ocean was phenomenal and it carried on for a while. It’s so crazy that you can have a storm that immense and then this morning a beautiful sunny sky and perfect weather and a beach that looks like nothing happened.

It’s kinda reminds me how I felt when I stared out into the Grand Canyon: It’s hard to take it all in and not believe there is a God – Standing in the sand and staring out into the water that goes farther than the eye can see; Seeing the tide come in and go out and trying to wrap your brain around the fact that in six hours time the entire ocean can shift to be high tide here and low tide in like Europe or Africa; Enjoying the sunset sky fading from baby blue into pinks and oranges until it finally surrenders to the dark when the moon glows so brightly above the water that it illuminates the beach and makes the water sparkle beneath it; Watching lightning dance across the endless sky and light up the waves crashing below it; Or just my little baby’s feet covered in sand that is dragged out to sea yet never runs out. This earth is such a beautiful place and being on vacation and able to take the time to enjoy it reminds me that we are all so blessed to be able to witness it.

Today is our last day here at the beach and tomorrow we set sail once again for the drive back home. Hopefully the baby does okay. All in all my mother’s wish to have a family vacation before she returns to the workforce was a success.  She has tried to make sure we all have a great time (which can be hard with three daughters, a son-in-law, and two little ones) and we did. We had some great family time exploring and sight-seeing and just at the condo while the kiddies rested. I am so thankful to her for this and so proud of her for the job offer she got while we were here that was the cherry on top. It’s been a great trip and I’m going to miss it. It was a totally different experience with a four month old in tow and though she may not remember it herself when she gets older I’ve taken about a million pictures to help with that. It was quite different from our past vacations. A lot less drinking and sunbathing. Our zero SPF days are gone. Yet, though I won’t be bringing back a suntan as good as I usually would from vacationing at the beach, we had a blast and what I will bring back are some great memories…and lots of seashells. 😉


Some great memories from our vacation

Some great memories from our vacation


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