Service Calls


Since being home I have been able to get some things scheduled that we weren’t able to do before when we were both at work. One was getting our air ducts cleaned. I called and scheduled an appointment to have this done. They were supposed to be out today between 12:00 and 3:00. Well, it’s also Tuesday so I’m usually laughing it up with Adri and the Oma’s at my grandmother’s house with her Dutch friends. So I had to leave early to let the dogs out and be here when they arrived.

There are three things I hate most about having arrival “windows” and not set appointment times:

1) Having to forfeit any plans because they could show up at any time;

2) Having to start nursing and being worried that this is when they’ll show up and you’ll have to interrupt your baby’s meal to let them get set up while you’re milk guns have now been triggered and are drenching your bra and the baby is crying and pissed because they’re still hungry; and

3) Trying to avoid pooping because you know without a doubt that this will be the moment they knock on the door.

Well, considering it’s now 3:25 and there’s no sign of them yet, I should have just gone poop at 12:00 on the dot. It may have taken me a sec to get to the door but at least maybe they’d be done and gone by now.

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