Scary Cat, Scary Cat, Why Aren’t They Feeding You?


Ever since we went on vacation our cat has been eating from larger bowls. Cats are so easy to leave at home when you go on a trip since they do their business in a litter box and only eat/drink what they need. In our case a huge litter box and two large dog bowls for food and water. The bonus to having larger, dog-sized bowls for her is that I don’t have to feed her as often…or so I thought.

Apparently it doesn’t matter if the bowl is a petite dish or a five gallon bucket…when it’s half full it’s still equivalent to “it’s gone” in the cat world. Here I had thought for a whole day that her chasing me around and yelling stuff was just her excitement that we were home. Apparently she’s just cussing me out for thinking she’d stoop to such a level to eat from a half empty bowl. And God forbid you be able to see any of the bottom of the bowl at all (even if the food is totally pushed over to one side). You’d think she was about to implode from starvation. Though trust me, she’s got enough in reserves to last her a while even if the bowl DID go empty for a few hours. She could probably survive in the wild for a couple weeks on reserves if she had to. And to think, there was a time she was eating from the dumpster and not knowing where her next meal would come from. Sure didn’t take long for her to get used to her  current lifestyle.

I can laugh about her frantic meowing at me when I’m walking through the house or the way she scurries through my legs and tries to usher me to the basement door (where her realm resides) telling me in Catinese what I’m sure translates into: “There’s an emergency!The food is nearly depleted! I may DIE!!!” (and probably few names and four letter words). Sure, it’s all fun and games…until shit gets real and you wake to find her staring at you from the hallway, silently plotting whether or not to kill you.

The good news is that I think she knows if I’m dead, her food bowl will go empty. What worries me is whether or not she’s factoring in how long my corpse would feed her. Talk about a damn good incentive to diet!

Scary Cat, Scary Cat, Why Aren't They Feeding You?

Scary Cat, Scary Cat, Why Aren’t They Feeding You? (Seriously she stood here like this for 20 minutes and didn’t move a muscle. Can you say “creeeeepy”!)


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