Daddies, Rabbits & Teeth


Happy Father’s Day to all the dedicated daddies out there! The Kimye baby was born yesterday too – almost a month early after Kim K. elected to have a scheduled c-section. They said it’s because she didn’t want to feel the labor pains but c’mon, there’s epidurals for that. At first I thought that maybe she was doing it this way to preserve the “hoo-ha” but let’s be real, with all the boys her milkshake’s brought to the yard, the damage there is pretty much done. Then I realized she probably just wanted to be able to have the baby for Kanye in time for Father’s Day. How sweet. “Here you go honey, I scheduled a serious surgical procedure more than a month before my due date so you could be an official daddy on Father’s Day. Jay-Z and Beyonce got nothing on that”. Geez.

On a more meaningful note I want to send a very special “Happy Father’s Day” to The Hub who is celebrating it on the receiving end for the first time. Since I met him I have found a great many things that suit him and make me love him all the more. Like his love and appreciation for the outdoors and nature, his fearlessness, his protectiveness, how good he looks in a tux and now fatherhood too. Fatherhood definitely becomes him whether it’s his terror of changing a freshly crapped diaper that’s overflowing (or running to the car to do it when the poop explosion happens while we’re eating lunch…at a restaurant…on vacation), panicking about the baby crying and worrying that she’s hungry (it’s both funny and cute to me that whenever she whimpers he worries that she may be hungry – even if she just got off the boob – and that he can’t do anything for her), the way he talks in a sweet baby voice to our daughter (it never loses its effect on me to see this 6’4″ bear of a man talk so sweet and childish to our baby), his willingness to participate in our natural birthing classes and the strong partner he was for me in the delivery room when it came time to show what he had learned, his faith in me as a mother, or just the way he’s strapped on fatherhood (and a baby carrier) proudly. He is such a proud papa and I love not only watching him be a father but love that I was able to give this to him and that we were able to create this life and this miracle together. So happy Father’s Day, honey. I love you and so does Adri. I am so proud that you are her daddy.

Adri & Daddy

Adri & Daddy

We spent yesterday at my father-in-law’s house frying chicken and eating too much. The Hub and I both downloaded a new calorie tracking app on our cell phones so yesterday was a true test but I happily passed it. Apparently we weren’t the only ones indulging in good food yesterday. We woke up this morning and went to our new vegetable garden to do some weeding and found all the tops of our green beans eaten off. Not like chew-holes from insects but totally eaten off which leads us to only one other culprit. Bunnies. Here we spent all the time trying to create a garden perimeter that kept our dogs out that we didn’t consider other cute little garden nuisances. We never imagined it would be a concern since it’s no secret that our dogs terrorize any creature that comes into our yard- and have killed most of them too. We never thought we’d have a problem with Peter Rabbit coming to steal our veggies. So I guess we’re going to spend some time replanting the beans. Everything else still looks great though. It seems Peter Rabbit is a picky eater. (This is the only time I am thankful for that trait). But at least we’ll get to spend Father’s Day doing something as a family and for our family. The baby cut her first tooth this week so it’s only a short while before she is ready to dig in to veggies!

It’s hard to believe that my baby is five months old already but now that she’s getting teeth I feel like things are moving so fast. She was chewing my fingers when the tooth cut through her gums and almost immediately after it happened I started thinking about how one minute she’s a toothless grin drinking all of her meals and here soon she’ll be sitting at the table with us eating smaller chunks of the same food we are. Time flies. My little Tulip is getting so big. As sad as I will be to say goodbye to the toothless infant months, I love nurturing and watching her grow. When it comes to gardening she’s my most prized crop.

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