Holy Missing Fingers Batman! They Named Their Baby What?!


So for those of you, like me, who have been waiting for the news of baby Kimye’s name, today is the day. People Mag announced that the name has been released…they have named their baby North West. No seriously, NORTH WEST! I can’t quite believe it either. I was prepared for something different since they’re in competition with little miss Bleu Ivy, but I was not prepared for this extreme. Poor thing sounds like an airline. I hope they plan on buying her an airline for her birthday present. That may make it a little better and reduce some of the millions they’re going to spend in therapy later. North West. Wow.

In other baby news, last night was quite entertaining for our little miss Adriana. It’s funny (though not at the time) that babies pick the worst time to go balls to the wall bananas. Last night while putting away the dishes I sliced the top of my ring finger off on a mandolin. On that note, thanks Pampered Chef for such a seriously sharp blade that even with it in safety lock I still managed to create a new lady fingers recipe for your Season’s Best cookbook! Seriously though it was squirting blood like crazy. So Adri picks this time to decide she’s had it with her Bumbo and it’s time to eat. Nothing makes a situation more frantic then a crying baby. After my husband helped me get it all bandaged up with cotton balls and bandaids I took care of feeding her. But then at bath time it started gushing again. So daddy had to get her dried off and dressed for bed on his own and then come help me get this cinematic blood spraying finger under control again. The baby thought it was all hilarious once she was fed and could  just sit back and enjoy the show. By 11:00 I had soaked through a cotton ball, three bandaids, medical tape and was filling up a neoprene glove finger. I didn’t know what to do. What the hell do they do at the hospital in situations like this anyway? It wasn’t a cut that could be stitched. It was a whole piece of finger missing! My mom suggested WoundHeal – a powder that makes it instantly scab to stop bleeding. Turns out that did the trick. It was a messy little procedure but we got it under control.

It still hurts like hell. And with all the chaos of it daddy forgot to brush the baby’s hair after the bath too so her hair is pretty chaotic today. I think I’ll rename her Chaos for today only in trend with the weird baby names. It’s still a better name than North West.


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