Four Years & The Fourth July


It’s been four years since I said goodbye to Opa. I think of him every day and smile at all the memories and how lucky I was to have him. Today is supposed to be hard but ever since that first year I remind myself it is better to celebrate his life every day than to mourn the day he died. He wouldn’t want to be remembered for dying but for LIVING. Besides, I know he chose this day because he knew that I couldn’t waste it being sad. That I would have to get up and smile and be happy. Today is my husband’s birthday. Today is America’s birthday. Today is a celebration. On this day four years ago I had the darkest moment of my life but my husband was there holding me while I cried. While we cried together. He was my light in that darkness. Every year he reminds me of all I have to be happy for. Just like I’m sure Opa intended. Opa loved my husband like a son and passed the torch of loving me, protecting me and making me happy on to him when he died.  I know that he is still with us, that he had a hand in bringing our daughter to us, and that he is right beside her protecting her and watching her grow. Together we have seen many ups and downs and now, especially with our daughter, our little miracle, we have every reason to be happy. So today I always remind myself that I don’t have to feel bad for being happy. That he is watching and counting on seeing me smile and wanting me to make happy memories.  I am truly blessed to have had such a great Opa and to still have such a great husband. Happy birthday Honey. We love you. Have a safe and happy 4th everyone!

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