Six Month Checkup


The baby’s 6 month appointment went well. The doctor says she’s perfect (though I already knew that). 🙂 She has “fantastic posture when standing up” and the doctor says she wouldn’t be surprised if she skips crawling first altogether and just starts walking alongside the furniture instead. She definitely prefers standing to being on her tummy that’s for sure. Oh, and apparently that old theory of babies ‘needing’ to crawl first and all the developmental orders of things and bowlegged risks is garbage and they don’t even go by that anymore. (Yeah, I know, funny how medical concepts are constantly changing isn’t it?). Yet another reason I always say a prayer before her appointments for positive outcomes every time she gets shots – it may be a risk to get them but also could be without them so what is right always befuddles me. Just pray you’re making the right decisions until she’s old enough to make them for herself. She did good with her shots again though thankfully and all the staff just adore her and her dainty, little, sweet, smiling self. She is still growing perfectly in the 50th percentile which is where she started at birth.

Once we knew she had the hang of rolling over in her sleep we figured we could transition her into her big crib in the nursery and out of the portable bassinet in our room. It’s funny she can’t really stand being on her belly until she’s sleeping and then she prefers it. After waking up and finding her on her tummy a few times I figured we should wait and keep her nearby where I can check on her easily before moving her into her nursery. (After having all the risks of sleeping on their tummies pounded into your brain those first few times you wake up to find your baby on their belly can be a little scary so you definitely want to be sure they can roll themselves back over and hold themselves up.) Well, Sunday night after coming home from camping and bringing the portable crib she uses with us I decided to give the nursery a shot instead of setting the portable crib back up in our room. She sleeps all night usually so I was worried that she wouldn’t sleep through the night at first when we made the transition. Well she was out by 10:30 and didn’t wake up until 6:45 the next morning! I guess it’s safe to say her big crib is pretty comfy. Mommy on the other hand was up every hour to check on her. Since she’s done so well though I am starting to sleep easier again too and when I wake up in the morning it’s like I’m a kid at Christmas time – running to her room to see her smiling face staring back at me. What a gift. What a beautiful, happy little gift.

Half a year has flown by and she is growing so much! Every day it’s something new – a new movement, a new sound, a new face, new syllables, new foods, new bed.  I have a feeling I’ll be wishing often in the years ahead for time to just slow down a little. Before we know it she will be all grown up. I thank God every day for being able to have this time with her…and for her ever-sweet, loving, happy, healthy, little self. I am so blessed.

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