Milestone Highway


It’s been one milestone after another watching this baby learn and grow. It’s amazing to me. Watching her learn to roll over, to sit up, getting her first tooth (and now after this week she has five!). Going from scooting herself backwards and inch worming along to get where she wants to go and now actually crawling and pulling herself up to stand on her own trying to test the waters of walking. She is so proud of herself and so happy when she sees how excited it makes us. Obviously it’s upped our baby-proofing a bit. We had to drop the crib mattress when she started pulling herself up with the rail and I’ve had to rearrange a few things because she’s a pro running around the house in her walker chasing the dogs and grabbing whatever she can grab off the tables and shelves.  It’s crazy thinking that here before long she won’t need the walker at all and she’ll be stumbling around trying to wear mommy’s shoes and playing dress up. I can just picture the big purse draped over her shoulder and mess of lipstick on her face. She’s really working on her syllables lately too wanting to talk like mommy and daddy. It’s only a matter of time before the words come rolling off her tongue saying everything she’s been dying to say up til then. She’s growing like a wildflower and it’s just such a blessing to be a part of. There is nothing cuter and no greater joy in this world.


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