The VMA’s


In other news, did anyone else watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night? The VMA’s are always a little weird but I was pretty excited about Justin Timberlake getting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award so I wanted to watch it. I heard he was reuniting with N’Sync but was never a huge fan of the group – I just love JT.  Every year I watch I’m usually entertained by the oddball antics that they are known for. From boa constrictor or raw meat costumes, interrupted speeches and whacky performances, it’s always kinda like you’ve entered the realm of some other strange planet. And they didn’t disappoint this year either. From the moment the show started I felt like I had a front row seat at the freak show. Just like every other year, MTV had another circus lineup.

After Miley’s horrible raunchy performance, goofy faces and trashy moves with weird props, I could only feel bad for Robin Thicke who had to endure it while performing with her. Poor Robin Thicke (who married his high school sweet heart, the gorgeous Paula Patton) getting grinded on by a cracked out, scrawny Teletubbie surrounded by mangy stuffed animals and a huge foam hand must have felt like he was trapped inside an acid-laced nightmare. Only Miley has let everyone know it’s not acid that’s her favorite but ecstasy. Unfortunately her whole performance was far from euphoria. Miley obviously had a bit too much “molly” before the show. It seems like she is trying all the wrong ways to show the world that she’s not a little Disney princess anymore. And yet her parents sit in the crowd and are so proud of her. Kinda makes you scratch your head and wonder where any of their heads are. It’s no wonder Liam Hemsworth tends to stay out of the public eye with her anymore. I feel like she’s one more bad performance away from becoming the next Lindsay Lohan / Britney Spears disaster.

Remix!…"La da di da di, too much molly for Miley. And you should stop. Cuz it's not hot. Leave the trashy to someone, give it back to Rihanna"

Remix!…”La da di da di, too much molly for Miley. And you should stop. Cuz it’s not hot. Leave the trashy to someone, give it back to Rihanna”

Then there was the token oddball performance by Kanye West and his voice synthesizer that I wonder if he’s had surgically implanted onto his body yet. I mean, does he ever perform without that thing anymore? Is he walking around the house talking to Kim K and baby Nori like that? It’s been done for so long now it’s just weird at this point.

The craziness that comes out at the VMA’s are always guaranteed to be a show. With all the characters in Brooklyn last night that they kept panning to with the cameras throughout the night I went to bed feeling like I had just watched a new Muppet movie. Between the personalities, dances, funny costumes, hair and just all around weirdness Jim Henson couldn’t have created it any better himself. Every time they cut to artists in the crowd dancing around in their seats I swear I kept looking for strings.

But the night wasn’t a total loss – The performance by Macklemore was great and Taylor Swift wasn’t giving one superficial giddy speech after another by winning everything all night, The “T” and “C” of TLC showed up since there’s going to be a TLC movie coming out soon, Jimmy Fallon was there and the stellar performance and award for Justin Timberlake redeemed the show. He absolutely killed it.

All hope was not lost...Some of the better parts of the night.

All hope was not lost…Some of the better parts of the night.

I just wonder how many showers Robin Thicke took before going to bed last night.

Poor Robin Thicke

Poor Robin Thicke

Maybe she'll do a song called "Ratchet" next

Maybe she’ll do a song called “Ratchet” next

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