I Have A Dream


Dr. King had a dream for equality and freedom for all. I don’t think his hope was for exceptions to rules or special considerations. Women and African Americans have never had more opportunity than they do today. I realize we have come a long way from slavery and inequality but we are far from ending racism, segregation and ignorance – especially when so many allow themselves to be handicapped by coalitions that exist simply to remind them of the color of their skin. If anything we have strengthened segregation and have shamed those that stood so long ago and fought against it. We are ALL different from one another. My grandparents were European immigrants and encountered plenty of discrimination when they arrived here. I have seen blacks endure discrimination and I have been discriminated against myself for being white. There are true disabilities in this world  but the last time I checked being a woman or being black wasn’t one of them. We live in a country where, regardless of your color, gender, age, religion, or where you grow up you can end up wherever you choose. We live in a land of opportunity and a land of choice. Ignorance is a choice that doesn’t depend on your color. Despite all of the many positive steps since his speech 50 years ago, I personally don’t think Dr. King would be completely pleased with where we are today and how many of his hopes have been led off course. As always, the trouble comes from our varied interpretations – in this case, of one man’s dream. If you want to do his legacy justice then arm yourself with knowledge and realize that the only person holding you back from anything in today’s day in age is yourself. Regardless of our skin color or gender, we all face adversity. I have a dream that one day we will all wake up and realize that we are people regardless of our differences and if you want something bad enough in this world, no one is able to keep you from getting it. That diversity won’t create adversity. Equality does not mean you are granted easy passage through life because of your race, gender, or any of your “flaws”. It does not mean that you will not encounter discrimination along the way. Equality means that despite it all you can still achieve the same greatness as anyone else if you work for it. Greatness exists in each of us and perseveres through negativity and discriminations faced along the way. #powertothepeople

And once we realize this then maybe diversity won't create such adversity.

And once we realize this then maybe diversity won’t create such adversity.


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