Every day with this baby is such a gift. Every day she learns and does something new. From crawling and standing up to new faces. Lately she’s been making a “ham face” where she squints her eyes and shows all her teeth in a big grin. It’s the same ham face I made as a baby. And she knows just when to do it to make you laugh. It’s impossible not to love her. My little comedian.

Yesterday we spent the day with Little Oma (her great grandma) and her Dutch friends. Every week they have been singing different nursery rhymes to her in Dutch and she apparently is making the connection. Her favorite is “Klap een in je handjes”. So when Little Oma started singing it she surprised us all started clapping her hands together along with the song. She even did it for her great great aunt and cousins on a Skype call to The Netherlands. For the rest of the afternoon she was doing it and wanting me and Daddy to sing it to her. My little entertainer.

As if the day couldn’t be any better, I got another surprise before bedtime. My sweet girl said “mama”.  When it happened I was backing up photos and her daddy was trying to pick her up. She reached to me and then said it. “Mama”. Plain as day but I still did a double take at The Hub and said, “Do you think she really meant to say that?”. As if to convince me she did it again (and several more times before the night ended). Words can’t express how it made my heart swell.  I have been called plenty of things in life but this is by far the greatest. My little sweet girl.

I must have listened to the recording of her saying “mama” a hundred times after she went to bed before I finally fell asleep. Before she was here the sweetest song was her heartbeat. Then I heard her cry for the first time. Then I heard her laugh – the icing on the cake. But now, hearing her say “Mama” is definitely the cherry on top. How does it get any better? My biggest blessing gave me the greatest gift the day she called me “Mama”.

Here we are a few days shy of her 8th month and I continue to wonder what else she has store for me. These truly are the joys of parenting. It doesn’t get much better than watching your child learn and grow and reciprocate your love for them. My heartstrings have been playing nonstop these past (almost) 8 months and they are creating the sweetest symphony. Every day I think it just can’t get any better and every day it does. My cup runneth over.


Truly music to my ears

Truly music to my ears


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