7 Years & 8 Months


7 years ago today I laced my arm through my grandfather’s and walked down the aisle to my husband. From the moment we met I knew he was my soul mate. Through the years we have seen ups and downs, helped each other through hard times and celebrated together through high times. We have faced whatever life has to offer up hand-in-hand, for better or worse, sickness or health, richer or poorer. We believe in and encourage one another and no matter what changes in the world around us, one thing has remained unchanged – our love. We laugh, cry, even argue together and at the end of the day we are still crazy about each other.

Today is also special because our baby girl is 8 months old. Every month I say it but I really can’t believe it when another one passes. From the moment I saw her I knew God had given me more than I could ever hope for in this world. She is truly the greatest gift to both of us and the sweetest blessing to come from our love for one another. She called The Hub “Dada” yesterday. It’s like a special little anniversary gift from her that she’s calling us by name now.

So, with it being our 7 year anniversary, the traditional symbol is wool or copper. Actually the “modern” list says it’s  a desk set. But then again the modern list has diamonds listed like three times. Not that I would complain about getting anymore diamonds but if you’re going to change a tradition at least try to be creative with it people, geez! Besides, The Hub could care less about desks even, let alone desk “sets” to go with them. So I’ll stick with tradition…But being that it’s still 80 degrees outside I don’t think a wool sweater is very appropriate so I guess I’m going to stroll through the neighborhood and see what kinda copper I can lift off people’s air conditioners.  ;)~

Have a great week everyone!

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