Hashtag ButtTag


What’s better than a “W” for your home team? When your team also gets lots of national attention & media coverage too – even if it is for a sports blooper. The Cincinnati Reds won against the Houston Astros last night but what was even better was when Jonathan Villar made an attempt to slide into second base and was met by the butt cheeks of Brandon Phillips instead. I’m not talking a brief encounter or a quick bump then brush it off and get up , I’m talking full face smash and at full speed. It was hilarious. I have watched the replays a few times and it is still cracking me up. In case you missed it, here you go…

Of course the always smiling second basemen, Brandon Phillips had a sense of humor about it too creating the  hashtag ButtTag on Twitter. I love him.

I love my home teams period.  After a win on Monday Night Football against the PIttsburgh Steelers by the Cincinnati Bengals  (WhoDey!) it’s always great to get another “W” by our Reds too – and the added comedy is just another perk.

I just wonder if Villar went back to locker room bragging to his teammates that he got past first base? 😉


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