No Room at the Inn


In disappointing times I try to remind myself of the saying that God only brings us those disappointments because he has something better in store for us. Well this weekend was a perfect example of that.

We made camping reservations at the Red River Gorge for the weekend. All the state park sites we knew of were already reserved or were “first come first serve only” so we opted for a private campground that advertised some great pictures. We loaded up the camper and set out on our way Thursday afternoon. The road back to the camp was definitely scenic but once we arrived at the campground we were bummed. The owner drove down from her house nearby to meet us and took us to a open yard that had RV’s packed in like a can of sardines with not a tree anywhere near them. When The Hub explained we were expecting something a little more woodsy and asked if she could put us in one of the spots she had back in the trees she got really PO’d and took off. Yes, took off… Like said tough luck and just hopped back in her truck and left him standing there and us with nowhere to go. I mean, are you kidding me?!

So there we were driving in the dark through the gorge and debating if we were just going to drive back home or what. If I wasn’t in such shock about the whole situation I may have been able to find humor in our “no room at the inn” predicament and a seemingly modern spin on that biblical event. I mean how ironic is it that we are literally pulling a house on wheels behind us and yet can’t find anywhere to stay?! As hard as it was to laugh in that moment, it was not lost on me that’s for sure.

We stopped at one of the state park camp sites knowing they were booked for the weekend but hoping they’d have a spot for us for the night at least. By this time the baby was crying wanting to get out and be somewhere already. The host there was a nice old man and had mercy on us. Turned out they had several spots available for just that night and after hearing what happened he gave us the best spot on the campground. He told us he couldn’t check us in or take any money since he was just the overnight host but that it should be fine. He told us to check with registration when they came in the morning to pay and also to see if they had any cancellations.

Hesitant to unpack a lot  we ate dinner and just relaxed for the night thankful we weren’t on the highway heading back home. After breakfast The Hub went up to registration and hung out with the overnight host to wait for the staff to arrive who could check us in and check on any cancellations. I called several campgrounds looking for any available spots. Of course everyone I got through to was booked solid and the rest I left messages with. After half hour we started to hitch the camper back up and get things ready to leave convinced we were going to be heading back home when I got a phone call back from one of the campground owners nearby. As luck would have it, their system was down this week and they weren’t able to book any reservations online so they had a whole campground full of sites. I know – Thank God! We were just about to cruise up to the registration office when the guys pulled up beside us in their UTV. Not only did we find a campground to stay at for the weekend but the sweet old overnight host talked them into not charging us for the night before either. He just wished us luck and told us to “mosey on”. It took everything in me not to hug the man. Though I was able to resist that urge I couldn’t hold the tears back that came after everything fell into place so well. And to boot, the campground we found ended up being better than the private one we originally booked plus we got the best campsite in the place.

The weather was absolutely amazing all weekend. You couldn’t ask for better camping weather. So nice during the day and the second the sun tucked behind the tree covered cliffs around our valley the temperature dropped to downright chilly – just in time to snuggle up next to a fire. If it was any more peaceful I may have started singing Kumbayah. So despite some initial hurdles we still kicked off fall with campfires, poor man pie concoctions, campfire chili, s’mores and hiking through some beautiful forest. The baby loved every bit of it (and I burned some serious calories hiking that steep terrain with her in a chest carrier). Despite our initial setback it ended up being a great trip. Even better than it may have been had we just stayed at the first place. Thank God that some things don’t work out sometimes so better things can.

Oh the beautiful signs of fall. My favorite!  (c) The Write Side of Life

Oh the beautiful signs of fall. My favorite!

The view from atop the Natural Bridge (Red River Gorge, KY)  (c) The Write Side of Life

The view from atop the Natural Bridge (Red River Gorge, KY)

One of my favorite pictures from our trip. The Red River Gorge, KY.

One of my favorite pictures from our trip. The Red River Gorge, KY.

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