Shut it Down


I woke up this morning and the iMessage feature on my phone wasn’t working. It would only send messages as standard texts. I fixed it though. Apparently my cellphone works like my government…I had to shut it down and them turn it back on.

Seriously though, I feel a little bad for all the federal employees out there that had to miss a day of work and go without pay when our government probably enjoyed a day off on the golf course with full pay.

I don’t like to get into politics because I could go on forever but it’s hard to sit quietly all the time. Our system just really disappoints me. And not one party in particular. As a whole. We keep being fed the malarkey about how one party or the other has the answers and the other is to blame. If the whole point is that they are supposed to work together (and obviously can’t judging by the latest developments) then when are we going to learn? If our political positions were voluntary and not made out to be lifetime income for these yahoos then maybe we’d start getting people that actually cared about what they’re doing for our country and not doing what they want and making a great career out of not listening to what their people want.  I volunteer for causes I believe in with the hope of making a positive difference. Maybe doing that with our government would flush out the waste and get some real mccoys in office.  Then they’d have more realistic knowledge about our job situation, housing market and economy.

We are such a wasteful nation that seems to spend more time pointing fingers than solving problems. We’ve got actual families out there working as hard as they can and still starving but then on the other hand, people that don’t try because they get insurance, housing and so many food stamps each month that they are selling the rest for half of the cost so they can pay for their partying habits. The war on terrorism taught us to be mindful of our money and be sure we’re not spending it with places that put it in the hands of terrorists.  Yet, our own government established the War on Drugs decades ago and is the biggest contributor to the drug industry. The government has let people make a living out of not trying. “Give me your tired, your poor…” was meant to encourage opportunity from the hardworking hands of those that came to this country with the hope of a better life – not enabling laziness and dependency. But when there are more benefits to not working hard then there are to working hard it’s hard to preach ethic and morals. And for the government it’s always going to be easier to shepherd the ignorant, lazy fools that depend on it and fail to see that they are being preyed upon.

We’ve got a long way to go to turn this thing around and I am just worried that it’s too far gone. This hole they’re digging can only be dug so far before it becomes a burial site big enough for the whole country. I am sad to say I think I’ve lost hope in our system and all of these corrupt representatives who only seem to want to get to Washington so they can wine and dine their mistresses on our dime and earmark everything to make sure they have bled every possible drop they can out of us. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if we found out they all agreed to spend millions of our tax dollars on a dinner celebration last night and having Gordon Ramsey come in at midnight just to say “Shut it down” in his famous way.

The Write Side of Life, Shut it Down


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