The Luckiest Mum


My baby is 9 months old. NINE months old. I can’t believe it but it’s true and one year is right around the corner. We spent the day putting up the fall decorations. Well, she spent it being absolutely adorable and rocking in her little rocking chair while I put up the decorations. Instead of cake she had the baked cauliflower dish I made with dinner and didn’t mind a bit. In fact, she loved it. I sat there for over an hour while she fed herself and yelled for more when she cleared her tray. It was just like the salmon we had the other night that she couldn’t get enough of. She’s the funniest little thing to me. And just so big. There are no words for the joy this child brings into my life every single day and how watching her grow pulls on my heartstrings.

My Little Tulip I'm such a lucky mum  ;)

My Little Tulip
I’m such a lucky mum

Of all the flowers in the world she’s my favorite tulipā€¦and I’m the luckiest mum of them all.

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