Fall Back


Reason #197 that I love the fall: The clocks fall back. As much as I hate losing daylight and it getting dark so early, this time of the year has always agreed with my internal clock so much better. Getting that extra hour of sleep the night the clocks change is a bonus too.

So I woke up earlier than normal and recharged (not usually two words that work in a sentence together for me). The baby slept in extra late so I let her snuggle with daddy and I actually even went for a jog. (Yeah, I felt that recharged).

The golden sunrise from this morning

The golden sunrise from this morning

After a Sunday breakfast and some work around the house, The Hub smoked a whole chicken and while that was going on we went for an afternoon walk to enjoy the last of the fall colors before the rest of the leaves all fall to the ground. Even after an early season snow and with many of the trees already bare, autumn is still hanging on with everything she’s got.

A covered bridge by our house

A covered bridge by our house

Autumn views, The Write Side of Life

Fall Branches, The Write Side of Life

Autumn Stroll, The Write Side of Life

Fire Tree, The Write Side of Life

We came home and had a great dinner – The Hub’s chicken was amazing and we had some of the carrots I had put up from our own garden. The baby smashed her mashed potatoes and then had fun feeding the rest to the dogs. In an effort to keep my baking progress moving forward I decided to make an apple pie this morning too. The only problem was that  I couldn’t find a recipe that fit what I wanted just right…So I improvised. Yes, even with the whole “baking is a science” fear of mine. Maybe I’m getting more comfortable in this area of cooking now and trusting myself more. The other factor may be that pie doesn’t require any  real scientific know-how. There’s no “rising” or “density” or “airiness” you’re going for like with cakes. It’s pie. You pretty much just fill it, top it and bake it. It’s pretty fool proof I guess…As long as the flavor is good that is. (Anyone remember that episode of Friends with the Trifle?! Haha. Rachel, Rachel.)

So I sliced my apples and added some dried cranberries for some extra zing, added my cinnamon and some other spices I thought would go well together and made a crumble topping with brown sugar, butter, flour and walnuts. The house smelled heavenly while it baked and it tasted phenomenal. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cup of (decaf) coffee it was a perfect close to the weekend.

He's got a point...and it was a damn good pie if I do say so myself! :)

He’s got a point…and it was a damn good pie if I do say so myself! 🙂

Hope your weekend was great too!

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