After While Krokodil: The Scary New Epidemic


As if the heroin epidemic wasn’t enough. Now this?! I’m so sick of hearing about all this every time I watch the news. This scares the hell out of me – and not for my sake but for people I know that suffer(ed) from prescription addiction and the doctors that overprescribe pain meds to people that could actually heal and feel better from alternative medicine – like physical therapy & exercise. As you read this I would be willing to bet that you know at least one person who has an addiction to pain pills. Or hell, perhaps even heroin seeing how big that’s become now. You think this stuff is happening on some other side of the country. You’re wrong. It’s everywhere and probably right in your back yard.

 (Curious to know what Krokodil does to you? WARNING: These images are not for the weak stomached.)

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging all those who are taking pain pills. I know that some situations may require pain medication but I also know for a fact that doctors are carelessly grabbing their notepads and writing out these prescriptions without even bothering to discuss and plan those alternatives for many other people. And they definitely aren’t doing the proper follow-ups to begin weening their patients from these pills properly. Then they get hooked on the pain pills and can’t function without them. The pain just gets to be so much that eventually the pills don’t work and, well, without them it feels like you’re dying.

The majority of people on pain medications aren’t even taking them for pain anymore – they’re taking them to feed their addiction to it. Pain meds are not a long-term solution but they are the only solution offered to many people. Pain meds don’t fix your problem. They just numb you to it. And this, I think, is where the problem lies – With reality being so tough for people to deal with nowadays, what better way to shut yourself off from that mental pain too than a (legal and prescribed) pill? I mean hey, they can fire you for failing a pee test if you smoked a joint or drank too much but you can’t lose your job if you have a valid prescription from your doctor. You have a prescription so you have an excusable excuse. Debilitating diseases may require ongoing medication. But everything is not a debilitating disease. A broken bone, sprained ankle, knee surgery and hip replacements for example, are not a debilitating disease. Yet most of the younger heroin addicts you hear about got started by a simple surgery or injury like this and the pills given to them to take afterward. We’re a prescription nation.

So It doesn’t surprise me that we’re hearing so much of it now. With the big pharmaceuticals putting so much money into our government’s pockets so they’ll close their eyes to it. For years doctors have been overprescribing these medications and getting people hooked. Now that they’re turning to street drug alternatives it’s got big pharm up in arms and not happy at their loss of profit. A profit that’s basically just blood money forged from the addictions and deaths caused to thousands. So of course it’s the perfect solution, create hype over this epidemic and rope them back in so that they can have their addictions controlled by a new prescription of methadone and everyone’s happy again right? They’re back to making their billions from the addictions of people (that they caused) and the people get their fix legally and the government can go back to turning their head and overspending our tax dollars on some other unnecessary.

We as people need to better understand that there are repercussions to every single thing we put in our bodies – drugs, alcohol, even food. I wish I had paid more attention to this as a young adult and I only hope I can help my daughter to better understand this too. And nowadays it’s up to us to do our research and make the best decisions for our long term health because gone are the days where you could trust medical professionals to do it for you. When we were kids we were taught that drugs were bad. What we haven’t been taught is that the prescription kinds can sometimes be the worst. At least from a gateway perspective we were led to believe that marijuana was the gateway drug. Yet I have yet to hear of a pothead graduating to a flesh-eating (or zombie face-eating) street drug. These prescription drugs are creating addiction monsters and all sorts of scary, cheap, and deadly street alternatives in their wake. Drugs that, after just one use, can ruin your life and your body…if they don’t just kill you.

And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. They have already started a national database of prescription drug users to start monitoring who is taking what and how often (I know what you’re thinking: What?! The government monitors us?!). The more we are hearing just means sometime soon they are really going to start to crack down – on these doctors and their patients (which is necessary to fix the problem but at the same time is going to send a flurry of new addicts to the street to buy their fix – whether pills, heroin or this insanely disgusting new krokodil concoction). ‘War on Drugs‘ my ass. They have focused so much time and spent billions of our tax dollars imprisoning people for a joint and meanwhile our own doctors and pharmaceutical companies have been creating armies of drug addicted zombies. This is doing more than ruining lives. It’s taking lives. When will we see this? And when will it end?


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