Blooms & Brown Thursday


The blooming indoors continues…

Big beautiful blooms in my living room

Big beautiful blooms in my living room

It’s the third year I’ve brought my Hibiscus inside for the winter and it never disappoints. As soon as it found it’s place in front of the living room window it started to bloom all over again like it was still summer.

Lilies in the kitchen

Lilies in the kitchen

I know it may seem like a silly thing to be excited about but I’ve had this lily for over a year without any blooms and I had pretty much given up hope – I mean, at least it was a nice green houseplant. So this morning when I woke to finally find a lily it was a pretty big deal.

Orchid in the dining room

Orchid in the dining room

And this orchid was dead – both the stem and flowers totally gone. So for it to now not only be shooting new roots but to have a new stem with buds too is huge because it doesn’t usually happen once the stem dies.

It’s absolutely freezing outside so it’s nice to have these little reminders of spring and summer around the house. If it weren’t for the fur babies that have a history of eating my houseplants I would fill every room with them (another reason these winter blooms are such a big deal to me).

So in other positive news, it’s a short work week for most people here in the U.S. (Yay!)…Well, unless you work at any of the retailers trying to pinch every dime they can from consumers this year by being open on “Brown Thursday” and Black Friday (Boo!). If you are, I’m sorry. Not just that you have to work, but that you have to work on a day that is being referred to as “Brown Thursday”. Last time I checked the day already had an official title – ‘Thanksgiving’. And I’m all for creativity but if you’re gonna rename a national holiday to commemorate the materialistic ways of society, can’t you come up with a better moniker than “BROWN THURSDAY”?!? As if Black Friday isn’t enough already.

Aaaah, the holidays

Aaaah, the holidays

Have a great week everyone!


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