Thoughts on Flatulence


I’ve decided that the frequent moments of dingbat dubbed “mommy brain” is due not just to the lack of sleep but also the excessive amounts of gaseous fumes inhaled by them. Flatulence. It’s inescapable. It seems everywhere I turn it’s either The Hub, one of the dogs, or the baby. That doesn’t even include all the bathroom breaks and shitty diapers. And no, I won’t even sit here and pretend I’m innocent in all this either. No one is. Besides, it’s a fact that women can’t NOT fart. If you spend all day trying not to you’ll just end up letting them go all night while you’re asleep and then hear about it later from the one you’re sleeping with (if they decide to tell you, that is). So you may as well just let them go when the urge hits and when you can conveniently blame them on the dog or baby like your husband does. One thing is for sure, whoever the culprit may be, all those fumes have got to have some type of impact on one’s ability to think clearly. I have no actual scientific evidence to back this up but I figure if WebMD can turn every symptom into a death sentence then I certainly a mother’s instinct is better than their formula.

True so far

True, so far! 😉 

Happy Friday y’all.  Have a great weekend!


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