Holiday Wind Down

Holiday Wind Down

So after 9 Christmases this year (and our first with the baby) I am beat…and also seven pounds heavier than before all the holiday meals. What’s the return policy on that Christmas gift?

I spent a little while reorganizing, finding homes for the baby’s new stuff and getting everything put away. And it just figures that the next day, even with all these new goodies to play with, she goes straight for her bottle of baby lotion that she likes to pretend is a car.

She’s almost one now and every day she’s doing something new or better than before; Perfecting her new skills and learning her limits (and how far she can push them). We had a lesson yesterday on the word “no”. As a result she continued trying to do what I told her no too but just said “No, No, No!” while doing it…She also somehow learned the word “Brat” though I’m not entirely sure how. 😉

It’s crazy how fast a year goes by now. As a kid, time is endless. You have all of it in the world. Then something happens around the time you turn 25 when all of a sudden you’re 30 and every year you blink in January and it’s December. You bring home a baby from the hospital and suddenly she’s walking and talking (back) and about to turn ONE!

This year has been so amazing the only thing I could possibly wish for is that it didn’t go so fast. But,2014 is within sight and with it brings a whole new year full of new things. For me, it’s saying goodbye to Babyville and welcoming toddlerhood.

The end of the year also means that we now all turn our thoughts to the resolutions we will make (and with luck, some of us may actually keep). Losing weight, Making more money or perhaps making more time, Taking that trip, Saving, Cussing less, Praying more, Eating right, Exercising, Making new friends, Spending more time with old friends, Taking up a new hobby, Taking a risk…

They say if you pick just one resolution you’re more likely to keep it; though I disagree. For me I have been circling around a few. I am, after all, the list queen. And when it comes to New Year’s resolutions I’ve never been a fan of putting all your eggs in one basket. Besides, having more than one increases your odds of keeping at least one as far as I’m concerned.

Whatever it may be I’m sure you’ve got at least one thing in mind. One of mine I know for sure will be to lose these 7 new pounds Christmas gifted me with!


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