Pumpkin, Pinwheels & Pigskin


It was a lazy Sunday of sorts. We didn’t leave the house though we kept ourselves pretty busy inside. I didn’t even realize the weather was going to get so nasty last night but we found ourselves at the grocery store just before it got bad out. What happens when you’re snowed in with a stockpile full of fresh goodies? You cook to your heart’s content that’s what. So we spent the weekend holed up, cooking, eating, gaming and playing with the baby. The only thing I didn’t do today was bake something and that’s only because there’s still some pumpkin muffins left from Friday’s little baking extravaganza. 

Remember these?

Remember these?

Remember those pumpkin muffins I made a couple months ago? Well I had a pie pumpkin hanging around in the kitchen that I finally decided I better get to fixing. You know, when produce goes bad so quickly pumpkins just don’t get enough credit for hanging tough for seemingly forever. Not only are they packed with good-for-you-stuff but seriously, they will keep for weeks and just sit and look like a pretty little decoration in your kitchen the whole time. And I’ll let you in on a little secret: This was the first time i’ve ever made pumpkin puree from scratch. I love a good pumpkin pie and these scrumptious pumpkin muffins but I’ve always just used the pumpkin from a can. Always seems good to me. Well folks let me tell you, the canned stuff has NOTHING on fresh pumpkin. I used that to make my pumpkin muffins and instead of the cider glaze I made last time I made a spiced cranberry glaze this time. It was phenomenal. The baby can’t get enough of them either.  I may start pureeing pumpkin more often. Not only did I get a couple dozen muffins but don’t forget the seeds! They make a great snack or salad go-with too. I love a food that lends itself to multiple meals and gives you more bang for your buck!

So while the snow continued to fall outside, I made a ham last night for dinner with green beans and baked macaroni & cheese. The Hub and I played some Rummy 500 in between entertaining the baby (or vice versa) and we spent the evening listening to music, dancing, singing which, of course, is Adri’s favorite thing to do.

For Sunday breakfast I wanted to try something new. Or at least something different. So we started off the day with something I haven’t had since I was little: Sausage pinwheels. I remember loving these as a kid and I was happy to see Adri likes them too.

Love these sausage pinwheels

Love these sausage pinwheels

I’m not much of a syrup and sausage kinda person but The Hub is so I served his up with some maple syrup and he said they were great with a drizzle of that on them too.



For lunch I made up some of my chicken salad on croissants and buffalo chicken dip to snack on during the championship games this afternoon and prepped some coleslaw with a spicy dressing while The Hub had dinner going outside – a brisket that he smoked all day…which the baby also gobbled up.

And speaking of football, there’s just something about Peyton Manning – whether Colts or Broncos -and Tom Brady with the Patriots that seem like such a perfect way salute the nearing end of the football season. They also make me want to watch my favorite NFL video over and over again…I swear it never gets old.

So all in all for a lazy Sunday and a weekend snowed-in we stayed pretty busy. I may have spent lots of time prepping food and washing dishes this weekend but it was totally worth it. I love days like these. Family dinner is such an important part of our day but days like these where we actually get to enjoy every meal together are such a treat.

I hope you all had a great weekend and a good week ahead.


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