This Life


There is never a day I am not thankful for just being able to experience this planet and this life – Waking and spending every day with this loving little miracle and being one of her many reasons to smile and giggle. Even with all the negativity and obstacles we face in life, we are so blessed to be here for the short time we are. When I die I hope it can be said I never lost my awe of this planet; That its divinity was never dulled nor it’s allure ever lost; That however many seasons I experienced were each just as amazing as the first; That every sky – whether storm filled or sunny always took my breath away; That each bare tree of winter veining out so beautifully to the heavens was just as stunning as every perfect spring flower newly emerged or unique autumn leaf freshly fallen. I hope every sunrise and sunset never loses its magic and the sight of a red-winged black bird on the fence post or majestic hawk soaring high will still stop me and capture my attention fifty years from now just as it does today.

This world is magic.

This life is a gift.

We are truly blessed.

Love & Light


An ode to this beautiful planet

An ode to this beautiful planet

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