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2015 Calendars


Okay guys, so the holidays are going to be here before you know it and with all the work around this place well, it’s adding up. So….

I’m selling 2015 calendars!

They are 8×11, spiral-bound, wall calendars featuring 12 months (starting January, 2015) with a collage of beautiful photos (taken by yours truly!) on each month.

A beautiful collage will greet you month after month. Each photograph was taken by me and is one of my favorites! :)

A beautiful collage will greet you month after month. Each photograph (taken by yours truly) is one of my favorites! 🙂


Get a jump on your shopping. These would make a great gift. And while you’re at it, get one for yourself too! 😉

You can order them through my Etsy shop here.

I sincerely appreciate it and, for anyone ordering, I hope you enjoy!!


Our Battles


The whole process from applying for and ultimately buying this house to then renovating both of our homes (one to live in and one to rent out) has been nothing short of stressful. We have faced some insane challenges and continue to pour our blood, sweat and tears into it (along with a great many choice words). There are nights that we are asleep before our head even hits the pillow and mornings we can barely pry our ass out of bed without feeling like we’ll break. I pray for patience and positivity daily.

Today, I had four men in my home installing windows and a front door  (one of the very few tasks we are not doing ourselves). Each of them pleasant but each also facing their own burdens. One was trying to find a solution for his bullied son. One was waiting for the workday to end so he could visit his dad in a nursing home where he’s being cared for after barely surviving a risky surgery. Another was involved in a motorcycle accident last week and isn’t even cleared for physical therapy yet but, because insurance takes a while and bills don’t wait, had to return to work. And then there was the crew leader, whose hair was visibly thinner after his final round of chemo on Tuesday; subsequent to having one of his lungs removed. Having virtually no immune system after the treatment, he was also dealing with bronchitis in his remaining lung. How diverse all the problems were!

I know each of you are probably facing something in your life too – whether big or small…A stressful situation. A bump in the road. A decision you’re having a hard time making. A death of a loved one. Your job. Your house. Your car. Your family. Your addiction. Your bills. Your health…

Every morning I wake up and look out at the sky, breathe and try to prepare myself for whatever the day may bring. Every night I look to the sky, breathe and give thanks for whatever blessings may be found. Today I am thankful for our much-needed, new windows, for white paint and (despite a few new cuts and blisters) that more progress was made and we are all bathed and going to bed in freshly laundered sheets. But more importantly, I am also thankful for perspective and awareness. It is both unsettling and uplifting to know that everyone of us is fighting a battle, but no matter how unique it is or how discouraging it may feel, we aren’t alone. Even though the world seems to be falling apart, we are still “together” on some level. For all of our differences, this is our common ground.

So tonight I am praying again to face the stresses of tomorrow with patience and to be able to end the day with gratitude. I am also praying for those four men I met earlier today and each of their battles. And also for you and yours. May a lightness find its way to whatever is weighing heavily within you.


Start and end the day with an attitude of gratitude

Start and end the day with an attitude of gratitude

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