Oh, Ferguson…


Ferguson is rioting because one life mattered…So logically they are destroying the lives of families and storeowners (in their own town no less) as a way to show a stance for that? I can understand having something happen that totally enrages you. I know the feeling of wanting to beat something (or someone) senseless. Things like that happen every day…To ALL of us. It’s not a pass, however, to throw an adult tantrum and destroy things. Obey the law. Whether or not you think it’s fair, you are obligated to obey it and if you want to change it, vote and rally to get more votes to change it or, take it to court and contest it there. Parents, teach your children that this type of behavior is not acceptable. They can’t grow up thinking it’s okay to torch businesses and homes, beat other people up, steal, shoot each other, and disobey the laws. Teach compassion and self control. You can’t raise your children to believe that it’s okay to disrespect the law and expect them not to face consequences. No one gets a free pass just because they feel they have experienced an injustice. I don’t doubt that racism still exists in this country (from ALL colors) but the media and folks like Mr. Sharpton tend to exploit it and make it worse. They are only breeding more and more hatred. Wisen up!

If only people would realize this!

If only people would realize this!

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