Pro Life, Pro Choice…Pro Patient 


I respect everyone’s differences in opinion about abortions in general and I’m not going to use this situation as a platform to get into that or try to make either side right or wrong. But regardless of whether you’re pro life or pro choice, I think everyone can agree that this footage of Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services, Deborah Nucatola talking about selling body parts from abortions and subjecting women who are having these procedures to a more complicated breech position just to be able to harvest more organs and heads of babies/fetuses so they can sell them to God knows who for God knows what is just disgusting and abusive to the patient and their trust. Once again some corner of the medical industry proves that it could really care less about its patients and more about money. We’ve GOT to demand better than this!!!  Planned Parenthood has thrived on the basis that they are providing a safer solution to women who may otherwise resort to unsafe strategies. So to find out it’s not exactly the patients’ safety being kept in mind at all times but the ever-holy dollar is beyond disturbing. But I guess it shouldn’t come as such a surprise. I mean, why should they be any different when it’s the same situation everywhere we look? Our government is failing us. Our doctors are failing us. Who can we trust anymore?  It’s a scary world we live in.


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