9. Nine years. I am not sure how nine years of marriage have gone by so fast! 13 years together, A baby who is almost 3, And NINE years of marriage.

You can see a lot of ups and downs in 9 years; Share many laughs and tears. Adventures and lazy ways, Sunshine and cloudy days. Tough times and a riding high; I’ll take it all if you’re by my side. My rock, my reason, and my rhyme. You’re still the one after all this time. Be it good or bad we’re in it together. I love you today, tomorrow & forever…Forever & ever amen. #MyLobster

Aww he loves me ☺️

Aww he loves me ☺️

Also I noticed that the symbol of the ninth anniversary is pottery. Do you think this counts? 😁

A new throne for the King lol

A new throne for the King lol

Just kidding…Well kinda. We did need to get a new toilet because as you’ve likely seen on prior posts, this home renovation stuff just never ends. Hopefully by our 10th anniversary we will have it wrapped up lol.


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