I think I took that Robert Frost poem a little to seriously. The road less traveled has been quite interesting and I’ve seen and experienced quite a bit along the way. But when death is the only certainty in life shouldn’t we take a few minutes to stop and smell the tulips? I believe that we are all here with a purpose to help others in some way in our journeys through life. Even those with negative impacts on us have in some way molded us or taught us a lesson. So if something I think, feel and post can offer some clarity or even camaraderie for someone else then that’s what it’s all about.  I think that signs come to us when we are in need so this blog is here not only to help me talk about life in general but to help share our common and differing opinions and, hopefully, inspire someone else along the way – even if it’s just what to make for dinner (or vent together about how many diapers we’ve had to change that day).  :)

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